Local Video Marketing
How To Launch A Local Video Marketing Campaign (Ft. 30+ Content Ideas!)

When own or work for a local business, you know it can be difficult to pull in new customers. While […]

Video Content Marketing Is On The Rise
Video Content Marketing Is On The Rise. Here’s How To Make It Work For Your Business.

You’ve spent years cultivating a strong presence for your brand online, providing useful content, engaging social media posts and, now, […]

Amiet Gill
Brewmaster Spotlight: Amiet Gill

Name: Amiet Gill Nickname: Mr. Amiet, Amiety, Charley Montaine, The Ninja, The Rain Maker LinkedIn When did you start at Digital […]

Video Event Marketing Plan
Drafting An Event Marketing Plan? Here’s How To Include Video, Step-By-Step

Conferences, live-streams, karaoke parties — you name it. If it’s an event that you’re using to generate leads or turn a […]

How To Choose A Voice Over Artist
[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Choose A Voice Over Artist That Customers Relate To

When you’re selling something online, it’s important to get all the details right. Seemingly minuscule variables like color or button size can […]

Your startup marketing strategy must include video. Seriously.
3 Reasons Your Startup Marketing Strategy Is Incomplete Without Video

When you look at the immeasurable success of the world’s top companies, you’ll notice one common thread linking them together: […]

Alex Sztenderowicz
Brewmaster Spotlight: Alex Sztenderowicz

Name: Alex Sztenderowicz Nickname: Stendzeh Behance / Instagram When did you start at Digital Brew? Interned from March 1st to June 3rd, then became […]

Branded Content example. Hands reaching in for food, via Tasty by Buzzfeed
Branded Content Is The Future Of Video Marketing. Here’s How To Make It Work For Your Company.

Is there anything in the world more addicting than recipe videos? You know the type. An overhead shot, with hands […]

Brent Mayorca
Brewmaster Spotlight: Brent Mayorca

Name: Brent Mayorca Nickname: Brental Floss Twitter / Instagram When did you start at Digital Brew? I started as an intern […]

Video Marketing Toolkit: Identifying Your Target Customer Persona
How To Identify Your Video Marketing’s Target Customer

Welcome to the second installment of our Video Marketing Toolkit series! We’re looking at essential elements in your video marketing strategy. […]

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