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Sean black and white picture
Brewmaster Spotlight: Sean Benson

Name: Sean Benson Nicknames: Benson, Seanathon, ShEEAN! When did you start at Digital Brew? November 2012 What the heck do you do […]

7 Qualities To Look For In A Video production Agency
7 Qualities To Look For In A Video Production Agency

You’re on the hunt for a quality piece of video content. Maybe it’s an explainer video, maybe it’s just a […]

Douglas Jarman, Digital Brew
Brewmaster Spotlight: Douglas Jarman

Name: Douglas Jarman Nicknames: Jarman, Ryan Instagram / Website When did you start at Digital Brew?  July of 2012 What […]

3 Video Tips To Skyrocket Lead Generation
These 3 Video Tips Will Skyrocket Your Lead Generation

When it comes to marketing, no phrase is more relevant than “to each his own.” It seems like every corner […]

Black and white picture of Beau
Brewmaster Spotlight: Beau Benson

Name: Marcellus “Beau” Benson Nicknames: Beausifer, Beauseefus, Rambo, Bean (one time in middle school my teacher wrote my name sloppily so […]

Video Marketing Toolkit - Identifying Your Unique Selling Proposition. toolkit vector with chart lines, video play button.
Nail Down Your Unique Selling Proposition With These 5 Questions

Welcome to the first installment of our Video Marketing Toolkit series! We’re detailing essential elements in your video marketing strategy. Got […]

Video Marketing Strategy Mistakes
5 Video Marketing Strategy Mistakes That Are Tanking Your Engagement

It’s predicted that video will account for 74 percent of online traffic in 2017. So let’s just go ahead and […]

Viral Marketing Campaigns
What Do These 4 Viral Marketing Campaigns Have In Common?

Viral marketing campaigns are a lot like constellations. Fun to look at, plenty to choose from and a good majority […]

6 Video Marketing Trends To Try In 2017
6 Key 2017 Video Marketing Trends To Look Out For

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