Yearly Archives: 2020

What are Instagram Reels?

If you consider yourself as someone who is ‘internet savvy’ chances are you’re familiar with an app called TikTok. Now […]

How to Stand Out in the Digital Era

4 tips. That’s all you need to know to thrive in the digital world. Check them out below! And that’s […]

How to Use Your Art and Video Assets

When you partner with the awesome crew at Digital Brew, you get much more than an animated video, and we […]

How to Virtualize Your Event During COVID-19

If you’re like many businesses, COVID-19 has forced you to cancel or postpone an event your company was working hard […]

Which Animation Style is For You?

One of the biggest problems our clients run into initially after they’ve decided to create an animated explainer video with […]

What Makes an Explainer Video Bad?

The question “what makes an explainer video bad” should have an obvious answer, shouldn’t it? Well, not all the time. […]

Do Healthcare Companies Need Video?

The term “healthcare companies” covers an extremely wide variety of businesses, ranging from providing services and insurance to producing medical […]

The Importance of Explainer Videos for Tech Companies

When you hear “I work in the tech industry”, what do you think? There’s a myriad of services, businesses, and […]

Mood Board vs Style Frames

Is there a difference between mood boards and style frames? Is this question even important? Answers: yes and yes. When […]

How to Pick a Voice Over Artist

If you’re focused on brand development, you already know one of the major aspects of growing your business is discovering […]

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