How to Use Your Art and Video Assets

When you partner with the awesome crew at Digital Brew, you get much more than an animated video, and we […]

How to Virtualize Your Event During COVID-19

If you’re like many businesses, COVID-19 has forced you to cancel or postpone an event your company was working hard […]

Which Animation Style is For You?

Have questions about your results? Or, maybe you want to learn more about the different animation styles we offer here […]

What Makes an Explainer Video Bad?

The question “what makes an explainer video bad” should have an obvious answer, shouldn’t it? Well, not all the time. […]

Do Healthcare Companies Need Video?

The term “healthcare companies” covers an extremely wide variety of businesses, ranging from providing services and insurance to producing medical […]

The Importance of Explainer Videos for Tech Companies

When you hear “I work in the tech industry”, what do you think? There’s a myriad of services, businesses, and […]

Mood Board vs Style Frames

Is there a difference between mood boards and style frames? Is this question even important? Answers: yes and yes. When […]

How to Pick a Voice Over Artist

If you’re focused on brand development, you already know one of the major aspects of growing your business is discovering […]

Best Practices to Get the Most Out of Your Video Investment

An explainer video investment is one of the best things you can do in our current marketing environment.  In fact, […]

Digital Brew Makes Expertise’s Best Advertising Agencies in Orlando List for 2020

Digital Brew is proud to announce their ranking on Expertises’ Best Advertising Agencies List for 2020. Out of nearly 60 […]

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