Inc. Magazine Unveils Its First-Ever List of Florida’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies—The Inc. 5000 Series: Florida

Digital Brew Ranks No. 96 on the inaugural 2020 Inc. 5000 Series: Florida With Two-Year Revenue Growth of 243 Percent […]

Spotify & Cash Money Records: A New Cash Order

On February 20th, Spotify released the first part of its exclusive docuseries, New Cash Order. As part of Spotify’s RapCaviar […]

The Psychology of Colors

Hospitals are blue, fast food joints are red, and Ma & Pop’s organic fish market is green. We see these […]

What is VFX?
What is VFX?

Believe it or not, VFX (aka visual effects) have been around since the 1900s. While modern viewers might not deem […]

Kyle works on huis animation
What’s it Like Working at an Animation Studio in Florida?

As an Animation Studio in Florida, you may wonder how companies like Digital Brew hold up to the big dogs […]

Explainer Video Pricing
The Goldilocks of Explainer Video Companies

Alright, time to get honest with you. We’ve been in the Explainer Video business for a while now, so you […]

6 things to look for
6 Things to Look for in an Explainer Video Company

So, you’ve finally joined the rest of us in 2020 and have decided to get yourself a nice animated explainer video. Great! Now comes the *fun* part: finding the perfect Explainer Video Company to work with.

The Lifecycle of an Animated Video
The Lifecycle of an Animated Video at Digital Brew

Ah, the birth of an animated video. It truly is a beautiful thing. Here at Digital Brew, we craft each […]

What is IGTV

And does it fit into your marketing plan? Ever feel like 60 seconds is nowhere near enough time to get […]

your perfect marketing video
How to Create A Perfect Marketing Video

Is there even such a thing as a “perfect” marketing video? It depends who you ask, but we here at […]

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