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Tips for Effective Script Writing
Tips for Effective Script Writing

A good script is the foundation of any good video. It doesn’t matter if the purpose is to educate or […]

The Right Animated Explainer Video Style
The Right Animated Explainer Video Style For Your Business

Animated explainer videos are taking over the Internet. At this point, you’ve already seen dozens of animated explainers and know […]

promote your app with explainer
Why an Explainer is the Ultimate Way to Promote Your App

In today’s vast app market, it’s almost impossible for new apps to find their way to success on their own. […]

Men celebrating while money falls from ceiling
How Animated Explainers Increase Sales

You could be sitting on the most amazing product in the entire world but in order for it to be […]

Digital Brew office space
4 Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video to Your Startup

When you’re running a small business you need to wisely capitalize your advertising budget because you really don’t have money […]

men sitting on his desk in front of the computer with a coffee mug and a video camera
Top 3 Most Common Mistakes in Animated Explainers

Although animated explainer videos have proven to be the most successful form of online video content for businesses, there’s still […]

Digital Brew scientist doing a thumbs up
The Big Secret About Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos have seized the world of online marketing. Their effectiveness, engagement, and ROI are unparalleled to any other […]

Animation: You Get What You Pay For

Animated explainers have an air of mystery around them. The majority of customers are unsure of how these productions come […]

Making animation for explainer video
The Production Process of an Animated Explainer Video

Animation has an air of mystery around it. How does an idea come to life on a screen and simply […]

black iphone on wood table
What Everybody Ought to Know About Animated Explainers in the Tech Industry

Written by Jonathan Berkey Jonathan Berkey is a dear friend to Digital Brew, a professional mover and shaker specializing in […]

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