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Video Production
Top Things to Keep in Mind in Video Production

Video has been a great marketing tool for many years. From TV commercials to web marketing videos, you probably have […]

4K to 8K
4K to 8K: Is it Overkill and What Does it Mean to Our Industry

Filmmakers have been capturing 4K content for a while now. But it’s taken some time for the world to get […]

Tips for Effective Script Writing
Tips for Effective Script Writing

A good script is the foundation of any good video. It doesn’t matter if the purpose is to educate or […]

creating a professional video
3 Tips for Creating a Professional Video

So you want to create an awesome marketing video for your business but you don’t have the budget – yet […]

Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production Defined
Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production Defined

“Let’s use the Kinos.” “Let’s just do it in post.” What does that even mean? Working in a video production […]

4k, skyline
5 Misconceptions of 4K

With a resolution almost four times as large as the current HD standard 1080p, the 4K technologies are creating a […]

Two girls at the beach playing with toys
Say ‘What’s Up’ to Surfer Dudes

Say ‘What’s up!’ to Surfer Dudes… the world’s first beach action toy. It was brought to life by our client […]

Camera on a tripod
WebTV: Episodes that drive results

We’ve worked with several companies to produce quality web series that are used to drive results and engage potential consumers. […]

Performing on camera
DIY Video Production: Performing on Camera

This may not come as a surprise but performing on camera is not as easy as it looks. Even professionals get […]

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