Cisco Networking: Delivering The Goods

Project Details

Cisco Systems is anything but an obscure name. So much of the way we access the internet and so many of the constant improvements to speed and networking capabilities are thanks to Cisco. They came to us before their premiere education and training event for IT professionals worldwide, Cisco Live, to make a video that would pump up the crowd and prove their commitment to exceeding the world’s networking demands.

Having done many big event videos in the past, such as for Net Profit Explosion’s Mega Training, we were excited at the challenge to make something really powerful for Cisco. We are so grateful to have been given the opportunity and very happy we could help them express their incredible commitment to making the world more connected.

If you’ll be hosting or attending a big event, we encourage you to discover the difference using videos on stage makes with your audience. Whether you’re building credibility for a speaker or just hyping up the crowd, videos make a huge impact on your overall presentation.

Bonus: As countless IT pros and others live-streamed the event from their computers, so did we — and we were so excited to see our video play on stage in front of thousands!

You could hear the shouts across our office: “It’s about to play! It’s about to play,” then, “No, wait, not yet…Now! No…wait.”

You can imagine that when we finally did get the timing right, seeing the video go live had us basically bursting with excitement.



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