Yearly Archives: 2014

Camera lens closeup
5 Tips on Creating a Great Demo Reel

In case you missed it, our designer and animator Beau Benson authored a piece for ProductionHUB on how to put […]

Camera on a tripod
WebTV: Episodes that drive results

We’ve worked with several companies to produce quality web series that are used to drive results and engage potential consumers. […]

Movie projector
Moments That Changed The Movies: Jurassic Park

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences produces a series called Academy Originals that features some of our favorite […]

Guys staring at mountains
Creative Freedom

Whatever the type of work you’re in, I’ll bet there’s been a time you just wanted to do something your […]

plusthis animated explainer screenshot
Inside Look: PlusThis Animation

Animated explainer videos are often used for topics or businesses that are difficult to understand or that may seem unexciting […]

Dos Dudes pictures logo
Inside Look: Dos Dudes Logo Animation

We believe strongly in collaboration here at Digital Brew; the more creative minds the better! We take it as a […]

Performing on camera
DIY Video Production: Performing on Camera

This may not come as a surprise but performing on camera is not as easy as it looks. Even professionals get […]

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