Yearly Archives: 2014

Camera lens closeup
5 Tips on Creating a Great Demo Reel

In case you missed it, our designer and animator Beau Benson authored a piece for ProductionHUB on how to put […]

Camera on a tripod
WebTV: Episodes that drive results

We’ve worked with several companies to produce quality web series that are used to drive results and engage potential consumers. […]

Movie projector
Moments That Changed The Movies: Jurassic Park

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences produces a series called Academy Originals that features some of our favorite […]

Guys staring at mountains
Creative Freedom

Whatever the type of work you’re in, I’ll bet there’s been a time you just wanted to do something your […]

plusthis animated explainer screenshot
Inside Look: PlusThis Animation

Animated explainer videos are often used for topics or businesses that are difficult to understand or that may seem unexciting […]

Dos Dudes pictures logo
Inside Look: Dos Dudes Logo Animation

We believe strongly in collaboration here at Digital Brew; the more creative minds the better! We take it as a […]

Old and new logo
Market Match Media is now Digital Brew

We are very excited this morning to announce something that’s been in the works for quite some time now… Market […]

Performing on camera
DIY Video Production: Performing on Camera

This may not come as a surprise but performing on camera is not as easy as it looks. Even professionals get […]

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