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We Believe In The
Power of Story Telling

We Believe in the Power of Story Telling.

Digital Brew is an Emmy award-winning Orlando video production company, specializing in animation and live action videos. Our team is an eclectic bunch, gathering from all walks of life with one uniting passion: creating kick-ass videos.

We pride ourselves on making every video the best work we╩╝ve ever done. We also love sushi (obviously), movies (obviously), and sending each other the weirdest GIFs we can find on Slack (questionable).

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Michael Cardwell - Illustration Michael Cardwell - Photo

Michael Cardwell

Founder + Creative Director

Nathan Nazario - Illustration Nathan Nazario - Photo

Nathan Nazario

VP of Business Development

Teresa Huff - Illustration Teresa Huff - Photo

Teresa Huff

Project Manager

Kathleen Uridel - Illustration Kathleen Uridel - Photo

Kathleen Uridel

Project Manager

Beau Benson - Illustration Beau Benson - Photo

Beau Benson

Animation Director

Douglas Ryan Jarman - Illustration Douglas Ryan Jarman - Photo

Douglas Ryan Jarman

Creative Director

Tim Spencer - Illustration Tim Spencer - Photo

Tim Spencer

Art Director

Ally Nichols - Illustration Ally Nichols - Photo

Ally Nichols

Marketing Director

Sean Benson - Illustration Sean Benson - Photo

Sean Benson

Senior Editor

Brent Mayorca - Illustration Brent Mayorca - Photo

Brent Mayorca

Senior Editor + Animator

Travis Leonard - Illustration Travis Leonard - Photo

Travis Leonard

Senior Animator

Nadya Sudjita - Illustration Nadya Sudjita - Photo

Nadya Sudjita

Senior Illustrator

Ana Hill - Illustration Ana Hill - Photo

Ana Hill


Matthew Foltz-Gray - Illustration Matthew Foltz-Gray - Photo

Matthew Foltz-Gray


Max Calarco - Illustration Max Calarco - Photo

Max Calarco

3D Animator

Blake Wyrick - Illustration Blake Wyrick - Photo

Blake Wyrick

3D Animator

Alejandra Berrueta - Illustration Alejandra Berrueta - Photo

Alejandra Berrueta

3D Animator

Jossy Amparan - Illustration Jossy Amparan - Photo

Jossy Amparan


Tito Guzman - Illustration Tito Guzman - Photo

Tito Guzman


Mac Jo Smith - Illustration Mac Jo Smith - Photo

Mac Jo Smith


Richard Belsan - Illustration Richard Belsan - Photo

Richard Belsan


Cali Turner - Illustration Cali Turner - Photo

Cali Turner

Office Manager

Tom Lucas - Illustration Tom Lucas - Photo

Tom Lucas


Drew White - Illustration Drew White - Photo

Drew White

Designer + Animator

Anthony Parson - Illustration Anthony Parson - Photo

Anthony Parson

Audio Post

Dustin Seltzer - Illustration Dustin Seltzer - Photo

Dustin Seltzer


Rick Coates - Illustration Rick Coates - Photo

Rick Coates


Laura Holloway - Illustration Laura Holloway - Photo

Laura Holloway

Web Developer