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2D Explainer Videos: Engage Your Business Audience

April 29, 2024

2D Explainer Videos: Engage Your Business Audience

Finding creative ways to engage your audience is more critical than ever, and 2D explainer videos are a powerful tool to do just that. Not only do these videos hook the viewer’s attention, but they provide a clear explanation of your products or services, fostering better understanding and engagement. Let’s explore everything you need to know about 2D explainer videos and how they can help your business.

2D Explainer Videos Defined

A 2D explainer video uses flat, two-dimensional graphics to communicate your company’s value proposition, product, or services in a clear and memorable way. When done by expert animators and creatives, these videos become powerful marketing assets that serve as bite-sized pieces of content that simplify your company’s products or services.

2D explainer videos from Digital Brew pair expert animation with a compelling script and professional voiceover that speaks to your audience. When you partner with us, we’ll collaborate with your team to nail your brand and voice. When customers watch your explainer video, we want them to feel like you’re speaking to them in a way that resonates with their interests and needs.

Some key benefits of investing in a 2D explainer video are:

  • Explaining Complex Concepts: 2D animation excels at breaking down complex ideas, processes, or software and presenting them in a simple, engaging, and visually appealing way. You’re not limited by the constraints of the real world, making it ideal for intangible concepts.
  • Faster Production: 2D explainer videos often have shorter production timelines than their live-action or 3D counterparts (though timelines vary depending on the specific project). This is due to less complex logistics and animation processes.
  • Versatility: 2D animation offers immense flexibility in design and storytelling. You can customize characters, backgrounds, and narratives to perfectly reflect your brand’s personality and wow your audience.
  • Engaging and Memorable: The combination of visuals, animation, music, and voice-over creates a compelling experience for viewers. This leads to better engagement and information retention. You can use your explainer video across digital channels like social media, a landing page, and more to drive engagement.
  • Adaptability: 2D explainer videos can be easily updated or repurposed as your business needs change. So, while animation videos are an upfront investment, the value they deliver over time is incredible.

Learn more about 2D animation explainer videos here.

How Do 2D Explainer Videos Differ from Other Types?

While 2D explainer videos are certainly effective, it’s worth it to consider other types of animated videos for your brand, notably 3D and live-action. Let’s review the differences between the three:

2D Explainer Videos

  • Style: Flat, two-dimensional visuals, often using characters, motion graphics, and text.
  • Ideal for: Explaining abstract concepts, processes, or product features due to their flexibility.
  • Cost: Generally the most cost-effective option.
  • Production Time: Typically have a faster turnaround time compared to live-action or 3D options (though this can depend on the project).

Live-Action Explainer Videos

  • Style: Real-world footage featuring people, products, and settings.
  • Ideal for: Showcasing physical products, demonstrating real-life use cases, or building a strong human connection with your audience.
  • Cost: Generally more expensive than 2D animation due to filming, actors, and location costs.
  • Production Time: These videos tend to have the longest production time due to planning, logistics, and editing.

3D Explainer Videos

  • Style: Three-dimensional models and environments that create a sense of depth and realism.
  • Ideal for: Explaining complex products with intricate details, visualizing architectural concepts, or achieving a “wow” factor with stunning visuals.
  • Cost: Often the most expensive option due to complex modeling and animation processes.
  • Production Time: Often have longer production timelines compared to 2D animation.

Which Explainer Video is Right for My Brand?

Digital Brew can work with your team to determine which explainer video is best for your brand. You’ll need to consider factors like:

  • Your Message: Are you explaining an abstract concept or showcasing a physical product? 2D animation works wonders for intangible ideas, while live-action excels at demonstrating physical products in action. 3D animation bridges the gap, offering flexibility for both.
  • Your Budget: 2D animation is usually the most cost-effective, followed by live-action, then 3D animation, which usually requires the most significant investment.
  • Your Timeline: 2D animation often boasts the fastest turnaround times, followed by live-action. 3D animation usually takes the longest due to its intricate modeling and animation processes.
  • Your Target Audience: Consider what visuals will resonate most with your audience. 2D animation can be playful and engaging, while live-action fosters a sense of authenticity and connection. 3D animation adds a touch of sophistication and awe.

Digital Brew has years of experience delivering professional and visually stunning explainer videos, so we’ll work with you to find the best fit for your brand. To get a better idea of how our process works, check out this blog, which breaks down the process of creating your explainer video.

2D Explainer Video Examples

Alright, so you have the information you need to distinguish between 2D explainer videos and 3D or live-action. But what do these videos really look like? Digital Brew has an extensive portfolio that shows off our incredible work. Here, you’ll find 2D animated videos like:

  • Our video for The Exit Group. The Exit Group works with business owners who are looking into or have received interest from investors outside their company. This can be overwhelming for some owners, which is why The Exit Group comes in to save the day!
  • Our piece for HubSpot, one of the largest marketing companies in the industry. This explainer video breaks down the benefits of HubSpot’s CMS Hub Starter tool.
  • Our video for Huvr. Huvr delivers virtual tours and events in a ground-breaking way.

There’s so much more you can see on our website. See what the brew can do by diving into our portfolio.

Start Brewing Your Explainer Video

Ready to start the process of investing in your 2D explainer video? Let’s get brewing.

At Digital Brew, we are passionate about creating captivating and effective explainer videos that achieve our client’s goals — wherever they are in their marketing journey. As an Emmy award-winning video production company, our talented in-house team brings decades of experience across 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and live action.

But we don’t just focus on making beautiful videos; we ensure our videos drive results for your brand. As part of our dedicated support, we offer video conversion kits that give you the tools you need to get the most out of your video investment.

Let’s start telling your story today. Contact Digital Brew to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of 2D explainer video?

2D explainer videos offer an engaging and efficient way to convey complex ideas or products to a wide audience. They combine visual simplicity with storytelling, making it easier for viewers to understand and remember the information you present.

What is 2D video?

A 2D video is a type of animation that exists in a two-dimensional space, focusing on height and width but lacking depth, which is the third dimension present in 3D animations. This makes 2D videos flat, with characters and backgrounds illustrated and animated within the same plane. 2D videos are commonly used in cartoons, advertisements, explainer videos, educational materials, and video games, offering a visually appealing but simpler form of storytelling and visual representation compared to their 3D counterparts.