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3 Benefits from Using Video on Your Website

August 25, 2015

3 Benefits from Using Video on Your Website
Videos have become such a necessity on the web, that HTML emerged from its 10-year silence and updated its code to HTML5 so web developers could easily include videos in their code. If you’re new to all this geek talk, it’s a big deal! In today’s digital ecosystem, videos are essential. According to Digital Sherpa, the average consumer watches 32.2 videos each month. That’s slightly more than once a day! Whether being explainer video or live action, with all the video activity on the internet, We’ll bet your company wants a piece of that video pie. If the demand for video isn’t enough reason, let’s look at three benefits from using videos on your website.

1. Build Rapport

Videos bare all. They show a real human with a real personality, and if you’ve done your research, that real person will resemble your target audience. This builds trust and rapport between your viewer and your company. Your viewer feels like you understand them and you are speaking directly to them. Including a video on you website shows your prospect that you believe in your product or service enough to show it in a multi-dimensional manner. It is a transparent way of communicating your company’s message to the consumer. By transparent, I mean that B2B videos allow less room for interpretation and your message is bee-lined to the consumer.

2. Convenient & Entertaining

Not only are videos more transparent than text, but they’re also more convenient. Consumers can now receive information and be entertained at the same time. There are many brands shifting their video strategy to this model. For example, think of the wild success Dollar Shave Club had back in 2012. Their video marketing strategy was to share the information of what Dollar Shave Club is and it was incredibly entertaining. In merely 48 hours of the video’s launch, Dollar Shave Club received 12,000 sign ups for their product.

3. Increase Search Ranking

Thanks to Google’s Universal Search that was released back in 2007, the algorithm in which Google uses to rank the results heavily favors videos. To be specific, websites that showcase a video are 53x likely to rank higher in Google’s Search Engine Results Pages (a.k.a SERPs). Using video on your websites helps search engine in a number of ways. They increase click through rates, have higher retention rates, and build backlinks because people are more likely to share videos than text documents. So who wants to increase their consumer’s trust, create convenient and informative content, increase search ranking and ultimately increase conversions? Ready to produce an effective video for your website? The first step is to give your friends at Digital Brew a call. Reach us at 407-641-0152