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3 Components of an Effective Video

July 16, 2015

3 Components of an Effective Video
Here at Digital Brew, we pride ourselves on not only making top quality videos and effective videos. We carefully keep in mind the top three components of an effective video in order to make sure that you are always getting your money’s worth and to maximize your video engagement. I mean, what’s the point of making a shiny new video if nobody is watching it? Even worse, you’re not getting a return from it? Always keep the following components in mind when evaluating the effectiveness of a production so you’ll not only have a shareable video, but also a video that makes money for you.


The story is the peanut butter to our jelly. Without a solid story, a video would not be the effective content we know it to be. Stories are what people share and allow messages not only to be understood but experienced. A solid story to your video reveals why your business is truly unique. Beautiful lighting and color schemes are important but without a story to provide a basis, your video will simply be a jelly sandwich. Pretty and tasty, but missing all the nutritional value found in the peanut butter.

Emotional Connection

Think of any video you actually stopped to watch and engage with. I guarantee you formed some type of an emotional connection to it. By establishing an emotional connection, your audience is much more likely to take action. It’s more of a psychological component than anything. Emotion means feeling, and a strong feeling influences decision, logic and can even change mindsets. By establishing an emotional connection with the viewer in your videos, you’re building a loyal and targeted audience. Humans are inherently emotional and empathetic, and in order to take full advantage of this, your videos need to connect on more than a simply aesthetically pleasing level.

Clear & Concise

Short and sweet may be a cliche, but it still rings true. Making sure your message is clear and concise helps the viewer understand what’s going on in your video quickly. Keyword: quickly! The rise of the technology era has ensured that attention spans are shorter than ever. Nothing will turn away potential clients more than a long drawn out video that they turn off within 20 seconds. Figure out your message and quickly impart it. Trying to juggle all of these components may seem overwhelming. That’s why if you really want to create an effective video, make sure to get it professionally done. There are people whose entire job is simply ensuring that your marketing video is the best it can possibly be. Choosing cheap over quality is never a good idea. In fact, we even wrote an article that explains this unattainable triangle of quality, speed, and price. If you want to make a video, the first step is reaching out. Drop us a line at or ring us at 407-641-0152.