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3 Tips for Creating a Professional Video

January 6, 2016

3 Tips for Creating a Professional Video
So you want to create an awesome marketing video for your business but you don’t have the budget – yet – to hire a professional production company? You can still produce a great video on your own. All you need is some equipment and be willing to put in the work. Not so bad right? You can do it, we believe in you! With all the technology available to us today, you’re likely to find most of the tools necessary to produce a good quality video right at home. The Digital Brew crew is here to help. Here are some quick tips that will help turn any  – or almost any – amateur video from zero to hero.

1. Great Script

One of the most important parts of a video is the script, and the best part is that you don’t need any equipment for that. You have no excuses to skip this step. Don’t turn your camera on and wing it. Plan it out. If you want a great video, don’t be surprised if you spend more time working on the script than actually shooting it. Start by identifying and writing down the following:
  • Who is your target audience
  • What are your goals
  • What is the main message
  • What is your call to action
Now that you have identified the key points of your strategy, start writing. Make sure you write down every word that will be said in the video. Also, add descriptions of what will happen to the characters and the environment around them. I know it is tempting to write down the main ideas and roll with it, but we guarantee that your video will turn out WAY better if you plan everything ahead. That doesn’t mean you can’t be a little spontaneous if an awesome idea comes along the way while you are shooting. If that happens great, go with that idea, but don’t expect your video to turn out great by relying on your creativity to spark at the last minute.

2. Good Lighting

You can capture a really good quality image with an iPhone or iPad if the lighting is right, but if lighting is bad not even the best, most expensive, top of the line camera will do the job. So don’t skip this step. You don’t need to get fancy here. If you have a spot with great natural light, use it. Otherwise, a few lamps placed in the right spots can do the trick. You can also purchase a few cheaper studio lights or borrow it from a friend if you can. But honestly, a good spot where the natural light hits the right way can work wonders, and it probably be your best bet.

3. Audio Quality

You worked so hard on your script to get your message across the right way, don’t mess it up with bad audio. What is the point of spending hours working on the right words for your script if people can’t understand them? Don’t rely on the audio quality of your camera. Buy, rent, or borrow an external mic. You don’t need an expensive one, just one that is reliable and has good quality audio. Also, make sure there are no background noises while recording your video. These tips will improve your video quality and help you achieve your goals. If you keep up the good work soon enough your business will have more than enough money to hire the pros to do the heavy lifting! Got any questions along the way? We’re here to help! Reach out to us on Twitter @DigitalBrew_co or shoot us an email at


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