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3 Video Trends to Use in Your Marketing

June 25, 2015

3 Video Trends to Use in Your Marketing
The advancement of technology has quickly positioned video content to become the most desired form of communication. Video is easy to consume and even easier to share. All social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook are taking huge strides to promote video consumption. Both of these social giants have even launched new social platforms (Meerkat for Facebook- Periscope for Twitter) exclusively for live video streaming, so it’s full steam ahead in the world of video. If your brand doesn’t plan to prioritize video, here’s why video marketing should be your number one priority. In order for your company to stay relevant in the eyes of consumers, it’s important to be where they are and give them content they want to consume. That, my friends, is video. Adopt these 3 video trends and your brand will be the trendy, earlier adopter. More importantly, by implementing these 3 video trends your audience will become educated and engaged in your content.

Video Homepages

Thanks to parallax design incorporating full page images on a website has become increasingly popular. With this came a rise using full page videos on a homepage. To see an example of what I’m talking about, check out Digital Brew’s homepage: – the kid you see at the top is a video (and Michael’s son!). Video homepages are not only great for looks, there also a passive way of receiving information. Users would rather watch than read, and using a video landing page is a great way to immediately interact with your viewer.

Drones & Aerial Footage

Ok, this may seem way out there. Drones?! Are we talking about a sci-fi film? No, we’re talking about your video marketing! Previously if a videographer wanted aerial footage, he had to rent a helicopter. Now all you need is a drone, dramatically cutting costs for amazing footage. There’s a lot of use for drones, specifically for live events, sporting events and nature, and there are other markets who could highly benefit from the use of drone footage, like real estate. Check out this short eight-minute film all shot using drones, then tell me you’re not hooked!

Animated Explainers

Did you really think we were going to go a blog post without mentioning animated explainers? It’s no wonder why marketers (and the majority of our small business clients) prefer to incorporate an animated explainer into their marketing mix. Explainer videos give businesses the perfect opportunity to combine storytelling and information. With an animated explainer, you’re quite literally painting a picture for your audience. Video ad spending will have reached $20 billion by the end of 2016, and you can bet your bottom dollar a good portion of that ad spending is going to animated explainer videos for businesses. Video usage isn’t going anywhere for a very long time. As we can see, the use of video is going to substantially increase in the next few years. If your company doesn’t have any plans to incorporate video into its marketing efforts, stay calm and call the Brewmasters. What’s your opinion on trends in video? Let’s keep the conversation going! Engage with us on Twitter @digitalbrew_co