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3D Animated Explainer Videos and Why Your Business Needs Them

May 6, 2024

3D Animated Explainer Videos and Why Your Business Needs Them

Creating an effective marketing video for today’s short attention spans is challenging. But 3D animated explainer videos provide an ingenious solution – they simplify complex ideas into easy-to-understand, engaging 60-120-second video formats. The following sections will explore what makes 3D animated videos so powerful and why your business needs one.

What Are 3D Explainer Videos And Why Are They Effective?

3D animated explainer videos use 3-dimensional computer animation to demonstrate how a product or service works. They act as short, animated tutorials that explain and simplify complex concepts to viewers. Compared to 2D graphics, 3D allows depth-enhanced product modeling, multi-angle views, smoother spatial camera movements, and lighting detail.

Well-produced 3D explainer videos are attention-grabbing marketing tools because of their short runtimes paired with vibrant visuals and clear narration. Viewers better understand and remember information delivered in animation. They enable you to showcase products, demonstrate functionality, explain advanced systems, and hook interest faster than static images or blocks of text. Specifically, integrating landing page videos can make them more engaging and memorable for visitors first coming to your website.

Top Benefits Of Using 3D Explainer Videos

3D animated explainer videos are invaluable marketing assets for companies seeking to increase engagement and website conversions.

Unlike static images and dense text, succinct animated videos utilize dynamic motion, music, voiceovers, and 3D graphics to grab viewer attention while interactively showcasing products or demonstrating complex services step-by-step. By nature, they provide numerous benefits:

  • Heightened Engagement: Short animated videos keep modern viewers interested through constantly moving, branded visuals revealing key product differentiators they want to see.
  • Allows Complex Demonstrations: Smooth 3D animations effectively demonstrate multifaceted ideas, technologies, or workflows in easy-to-follow sequences that are impossible to showcase adequately through text descriptions alone.
  • Boosts Conversions: Explainer videos highlighting product value help convince interested prospects to convert directly on websites through clear, digestible usage guidance impossible within stagnant copy.
  • Simplifies Messaging: Animations pare down complicated services and systems into engaging, memorable 3D motion graphics combined with simplified narration that avoids losing customers in dense text.
  • Clarifies Understanding: Viewers’ comprehension increases exponentially when shown animations demonstrating abstract processes instead of just reading about them. Retention also grows.

3D animated explainer videos condense complexity into compelling motion graphics and simplified narratives that boost engagement, understanding, and conversions through 60-120-second runtimes optimized for today’s viewers.

When to Use 3D Animated Explainer Videos

Knowing the versatile situations where animated videos thrive helps unlock their full marketing potential. 3D animated explainer videos pack huge value across numerous business use cases.

Savvy brands use animated marketing videos to:

  • Introduce New Products: Bring upcoming products, services, and capabilities to life through 3D previews showing unique value propositions before availability. Product videos generate early buzz.
  • Demonstrate Functionality: Complex physical products, mobile apps, and software platforms benefit tremendously through guided animated video walkthroughs showcasing intuitive real-world functionality impossible to convey adequately through static screenshots.
  • Explain Advanced Technology: Streamlined 3D graphics and step-by-step motion simplify multifaceted systems, cutting-edge innovations, or intricate products in manufacturing better than text alone.
  • Spotlight Thought Leadership: Interactive animated breaks sharing insider industry tips and best practice models build brand reputation and connections by showcasing forward-thinking expertise.
  • Reflect Culture & Values: Fun, branded videos reflecting internal culture attract top talent and customers aligning with company principles. They also build company ambassadorship when shared on social media.

As these examples highlight, beyond primary services and offerings, businesses gain tremendous flexibility leveraging animated videos across diverse use cases like spotlighting impressive innovations, guiding usage before launches, improving recruitment, and enabling employees to share branded content showcasing workplace culture. The key is matching video production with unique goals.

See our 3D explainer videos.

Elements of an Effective Explainer Video

While explainer video styles fluctuate, the most impactful ones optimize messaging for audience comprehension and conversions. As an Emmy award-winning animated video production company, Digital Brew follows a specific process to ensure our production quality aligns with client goals:

  • Clear Scripts: Crisp, concise narratives purposefully guide visuals rather than compete for attention, preventing confusion. An unchanged script across multiple revisions ensures cohesive messaging.
  • Simplified Visuals: Since complex on-screen motion can overwhelm viewers, visuals focus on clarifying messaging through easily digestible on-brand graphics, transitions, and highlighted focal points rather than unnecessary embellishments.
  • Matching Music & Voice: Music elicits viewer emotions while voiceovers convey information. Their combined impact heightens when chosen appropriately to match script tone and flow through intentional sound design. Mismatched combinations send mixed signals.
  • 60-120 Second Sweet Spot: In eras of declining attention spans, even captivating videos lose impact beyond two minutes. Streamlined 60-120 second range optimally provides enough time for key explanations without losing audiences.

Digital Brew’s production approach centers on continual client feedback to ensure complete satisfaction. At each milestone, from scripting to animation, clients guide direction, styles, and messaging tweaks over multiple review cycles. This openness prevents surprise misalignments when turning visions into finished 3D explainer videos distinctly matching intended branding, tone, and priorities. We want you to be fully happy with the final cup of animation we brew together!

Freshly Brewed Explainer Videos from Digital Brew

At Digital Brew, we create custom 3D explainer videos explicitly tailored to simplify your complex products, services, or workflows better than any other agency.

Where 2D motion graphics or live-action testimonials have limits demonstrating multifaceted physical products, manufacturing systems, or advanced software, our detailed 3D animations and models guide audiences through intuitive sequential walkthroughs that boost engagement and conversions.

Our blend of Emmy award-winning technical excellence and results-driven strategy is why:

  • 93% of clients agreed videos increased product comprehension.
  • 83% saw improved website traffic.
  • 75% witnessed sales boosts.
  • 86.7% achieved strong ROI.

We achieve these results by prioritizing connection with target audiences during scripting and then reflecting core messaging into compelling 3D graphics and motion. This specialized approach shapes videos audiences instantly relate with.

And unlike other studios satisfied with delivering final renders, our holistic process provides complete go-to-market activation kits to maximize video impact, including social media cut-downs, custom artwork for unified campaigns, additional training, and direct strategizing.

Contact us today to get started brewing the perfect 3D explainer video to simplify your messaging and boost business growth. Our blend of simplified messaging, high-end 3D animation, and complete marketing follow-through drives tangible ROI. Let’s brew this!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main difference between 2D and 3D animated videos?

The key difference is that 2D uses flat graphics while 3D utilizes fully rendered 3-dimensional Environments, objects, and character models, giving a more realistic visual impact.

What are the main benefits of using a 3D animated explainer video?

Some key benefits are better engaging audiences, demonstrating how complex products work, simplifying technical concepts, and improving website conversion rates. The 3D visuals make them more memorable.

How long does a typical 3D explainer video run?

Ideally, 60-120 seconds. This leaves enough time to effectively demonstrate key details or simplify complex concepts without losing viewer attention, which happens after 2 minutes.