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The Best Places for Your Video

August 3, 2015

The Best Places for Your Video
You just spent weeks working hard on the perfect video for your business and you love the final product! Now, after all, your hard work is done and you have your awesome corporate video, what do you do with it? What options are available for you to receive the biggest return on your video? Creating a video for your company is a thrilling process. Presenting your company in a professional and engaging manner is always a fulfilling feeling. Promoting your video after it’s created is equally as important as the video itself. To get the biggest bang for your buck, let’s take a look at where you can place your video.

1. Landing Page

You don’t need me to tell you that we’re living in the digital age. Although taking advantage of the power of the web seems like a no-brainer to some people, but there are a lot of folks still not using the internet consistently. These days simply having a website is not enough. It’s step one. Uploading your new video to your landing page will help in overall presence and Google Search ranking which is the powerhouse behind the web. Continue to publish consistent blog posts on your industry and services. This is step 2 and Google will love you!

2. Google AdWords

Google AdWords is where it’s at. In the previous segment, I mentioned how Google loves videos. This rings true for AdWords too. The cool thing with AdWords is the Pay Per Click model in which it operates. You only pay for who clicks on your video. There are of course other options, but PPC tends to be the most popular because you have the most control. Start small with AdWords until you have a test pool of data in which you can make bigger decisions.

3. Conferences & Trade Shows

A lot of our clients have gone this route with their newly produced videos. Maybe they have a booth at a trade show. If they do, they will often have the video looping at their booth as a way to engage pass-byers. You can also participate in sponsoring the event if your budget has the room for it. This way your professional video will be looping on the conference projects before, in between and after keynote speakers.

4. Local Meetups

If you do not have the budget to travel and sponsor tradeshows and conferences, think locally. Every community has groups and meetups in specific fields. This is a great way to expand your brand presence in your local area and grow your client base right at home. Research local meet ups in your line or work and contact the organizer to see if they need any presenters. This is a simple and cost-effective way to put your video to work!

5. Social Media & Newsletter

Same with the web, it’s surprising how many companies are still not taking advantage of the power of social media and email marketing. Probably due to time invested, there are several ways to be active on social media, but to optimize exactly how much time that is. Great news! You have the perfect start to getting active on social media with your new video! Don’t be afraid to try paid ads too. They are very simple to set up, and if executed properly can go a long way. Last but not least, get creative! The items above are general ideas as to where you can place your brand spankin’ new video. Think outside of the box. The options are limitless with video.