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Brewmaster Spotlight: Kyle Harter

August 15, 2019

Brewmaster Spotlight: Kyle Harter

Name: Kyle Harter

Hometown: Maumelle, Arkansas

When did you start at Digital Brew? 

December 2018

What the heck do you do here?

I’m an Animator/Designer here at DB. I’m first given client approved storyboards, and I take those and communicate their message through animation with lots and lots and lots of keyframes.

What are you listening to lately?

Lately I’ve been cycling through the bands The Menzingers, Beach Bunny, Bad Bad Hats, and Taking Back Sunday(high school throwback)

What is your favorite movie of all time? Why?

Reservoir Dogs hands down. That was my first look into a director crafting a story in a non-traditional way of what I grew up watching. It really opened my eyes to what real creativity could lead to. I’m also a sucker for classic Rom-Coms, so When Harry Met Sally is a close second place.

Favorite thing about working at Digital Brew:

We’re a family. It was something I never knew I wanted until I started working here. The mentorship, challenges, growth potential, fun, and creative freedom/responsibility all feed into that as well.

Most visited webpage:

School of Motion and Good Moves

How did you get into animation?

I got into without even realizing. I grew up with Disney movies like a lot of other people in this industry. I didn’t realize it was a job until I saw the title sequence for Catch Me If You Can. My life was changed. 

Favorite podcast:

This American Life, School of Motion Podcast, and Modern Love

Best thing about living in Orlando:

I went to college here at UCF, and it’s always been a home to me throughout the years. Also, food, coffee, proximity to the beach, and I can bike almost anywhere I want with all of the trail access in the city.

Favorite quote?

“I am Beyoncé always” – Michael Scott, The Office

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