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The Future of Explainer Videos in 2020

It’s no secret that the average attention span is getting shorter and shorter. In fact, attention spans among 4 to 24 year olds (Generation Z) clocked up to a whole 7 seconds. Statistically, most of you have probably stopped reading this by now.

How Does Facebook Rank Video Posts?

Facebook rules are always changing. If you want your Facebook videos to rank, this blog is for you!

Family walking in the park
Heartwarming Video for the American Heart Association Boosts Fundraising Efforts

And Wins an Emmy! Sometimes a good story can do good things. Such is the case when the pro-bono video […]

10 Video Marketing Best Practices
8 Proven Video Marketing Best Practices To Elevate Your Business

From startups to enterprises, it’s hard for any company to underestimate the power of video marketing in 2018. According to […]

Video Advertising vs. Video Content: Which Is Right For Me?
Video Content Marketing vs. Video Advertising: Which Is Right For Me? [VIDEO]

On this episode of Digital Brew’s Video Marketing University, we’re going to stay a little above ground and discuss the […]

LinkedIn video ads - 2018 Update and what you need to know
LinkedIn Video Ads In 2018: What You Need To Know

For content marketers, small business owners and practically anyone selling online in 2018, video advertising is no small feat. More […]

YouTube Keyword Research 2018
(VIDEO) How To Do YouTube Keyword Research In 2018

Every digital marketer worth their salt knows the importance of keyword research for ranking on Google, but we’re still seeing […]

Google TruView Ads - InStream and Discovery
(VIDEO) How To Win Big With Google TruView Ads — YouTube Video Advertising 2018

Today we’re talking about video advertising on YouTube through Google TruView ads.  TruView ads are the kind you’re likely most […]

Why Animation Is The Biggest Video Marketing Opportunity
Why Animation Is The Biggest Video Marketing Opportunity

When it comes to video marketing opportunities for 2021, animation remains the final frontier. When was the last time you […]

Cartoon Spot light
Is Branded Video Content The Future Of Video Advertising?

Have you ever wondered why they’re called “soap operas”? We’ll give you a hint: It’s not because of the squeaky […]

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