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Corenerstones of Digital Brew

April 3, 2015

Corenerstones of Digital Brew
I’m often asked by friends and family what’s it like to work at Digital Brew. Sometimes I entertain the question with a cursory response like “so much fun”, where other times I thoroughly describe our agency. Usually, I paraphrase its core values, highlighting our relentless effort, positivity and ability to captivate. An impressed expression, a compliment or a nod of approval will follow. Why do I decide to emphasize our core values? Our core values are what directs our creative pursuits. Values are the rudder, steering the whole ship. It’s so important to know the “why”. Why do we make every job our best work, why do we strive to be creative and awesome every day? Living by these values gives value to our clients and is the cornerstone of Digital Brew. Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please.., introducing the indispensable core values of Digital Brew…

Tell compelling stories

The most important part of a production is the emotion it evokes. In business and marketing, we try and tell stories that connect with our clients. We discover our clients’ problems and we confront them in a creative way. Our creativity pairs aesthetic value with purpose.

Keep our promises and make every job our best work

This boils down to integrity. We remain loyal to our word, bottom line. Especially in our industry, where people sometimes disrespect deadlines, we want to provide a superior service to clients. All clients are equal: we value their time and respect their ideas. overhead shot or person working on laptop

Help businesses be successful

As a creative industry, our job is to take our clients vision and craft them into a product that’s going to be successful. Our ideas and a client’s ideas don’t always align. So, we listen to our clients and collaborate. Listening is an art form many people overlook. Our success is contingent on our client’s success, so it’s necessary to be open-minded. The phrase “happy wife, happy life” comes to mind.

Accept challenges with a positive attitude

This is a philosophy we live by. Where some might think of hiccups or issues within the creative process as problems, we view them as challenges. We believe that possibilities are endless. First, you have to believe that anything is possible and second, you have to believe YOU can make anything possible. If you can master those two things, then sky’s the limit.

Be creative and awesome

We like to have fun, who doesn’t?! We bring our quality of work and creativity to every client’s business with the goal of elevating their branding and marketing. We use our knowledge and expertise to help others. “Handcrafted content” isn’t just another Brew pun (yes, we know, we have a lot of brew puns on here). Truly, our work is handcrafted for each client. No stock images videos or graphics used here. One of a kind handcrafted content for each client. Digital Brew team wearing masks Collectively, these values comprise a blueprint for challenges one might in business or life in general. Do you have any questions or thoughts about Digital Brew’s values? What values have shaped your work and life? Do you have any ideas for more #brewpuns? We’d love to hear about them tweet to us @DigitalBrew_co