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Create Marketing Videos Your Audience Wants to Watch

November 19, 2015

Create Marketing Videos Your Audience Wants to Watch
Business decisions are rarely easy. It almost always involves compromising. Everybody wants their company to succeed, but how can you make sure you are making the right decision for your business EVERY TIME? You can’t. But you can limit your mistakes by having good knowledge of your industry, your audience, clients, and business trends. When it comes to producing a marketing video for your company, however, there is one decision that you can get right every time. Are you ready? Here it goes:

Create marketing videos for your audience, not for your company.

It is that simple, easy, and painless. No, we are not saying that producing a video is easy. What we are saying is that your videos should focus on delivering the content your audience wants and in a way that is entertaining to them. There are many pieces to the puzzle that is crafting an effective video marketing strategy. Get to know your audience, don’t make your videos too long, etc… But making your video content entertaining should be your number one priority. There was a time you could -almost- force your audience to watch your videos. But that was before the fast forward buttons, the recording feature on DVRs, the ad blocks, and all other countless tools to avoid disruptive content. In this day and age, your audience chooses -or not- to watch your videos. So make them interesting. We know. You have a long list of information you would like people to know about your product or company. But that doesn’t mean you should include all this information in your videos. Don’t use your video as a mere form of information. Instead, use it to entice your audience. Make it interesting, funny, and entertaining. Get them to want to visit your website. There they will be able to get all that information you want them to have about your product, service, or company. At the end of the day, what’s the point of creating a video that your audience will not watch? Or maybe they will watch, but only the first 5 seconds of it. Want some inspiration? Watch this animated explainer video we crafted for The Gathering Spot.
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