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DIY Video Production: Performing on Camera

April 7, 2014

DIY Video Production: Performing on Camera
This may not come as a surprise but performing on camera is not as easy as it looks. Even professionals get flustered sometimes, so just imagine how your employee or client feels when put on the spot for your company video. Here are some steps you can take to make the process fun and comfortable for everyone.

1. The Script Should Fit the Performer

First, consider your script and interview subjects carefully when preparing for a video project. Choose interviewees with a personality that will captivate and resonate with your intended audience.

2. Be Flexible

Writing a script can help give your subjects focus, but the best way to prompt a good interview is by staying flexible. Encourage participants to hit on important bullet points but keep the exact wording loose, allowing them room to express themselves in an honest way.

3. Keep it Real

Memorization of dialogue is not typically the best way to evoke emotion and will likely make your interviewee nervous and distracted. Instead, encourage whoever is on camera to talk to the camera as he/she would a colleague, relax and speak from the heart. An authentic interview will come across well on camera, just as forced statements are easy to spot. Some people will have more natural ability than others, but these tips should help make most at ease and contribute to engaging video content.