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Do You Need an Explainer Video for the Holidays?

October 9, 2020

Do You Need an Explainer Video for the Holidays?

Ok, we know what you’re thinking. “It’s October, why are they writing a blog about the holidays?”

Well, easy. If you want an explainer video in time to show off your product (which you will, and we’ll show you why below) then you need to start thinking about it right now.

Aside from the fact that explainer videos are the best way to showcase a product, they’re really helpful in times like these. Due to COVID-19, it’s expected that more than 66% of shoppers will do their holiday shopping online this year.

Of course, we don’t just spew these statements out without any proof. Here are some hard-corse facts about the correlation between explainer videos, and online shoppers.

Do you really need any more proof than that? Then let’s Brew this!

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