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How Font Selection Impacts Businesses

August 17, 2015

How Font Selection Impacts Businesses
Let’s play a game. Look at the following words and immediately identify how you feel.
Font one maybe brought the words clean and stable to mind. Supporting is another feeling this font gives. This font is the most timeless font and irreplaceable to the type world. Say hello to Helvetica.
Font two is also clean, but in a different way than Helvetica. Initial reaction to this font is professional, straightforward and even a little stuffy. True to its nature, this is Times New Roman.
Font three is very elegant and sophisticated. Modern is also a word that comes to mind. Created in the late 1700s, this font has been one of the most stylish fonts for over 200 years. It is Didot Italic.
Our final font is friendly and intimate, but not overbearing. Comfort is a good way to put it. Similar to Times New Roman, but more approaching. Hello, Georgia Italic. From our exercise, we see that fonts go deeper than what meets they eye. They add an additional layer to the words in which you’re communicating. Font selection is borderline subliminal, but once the power of font selection is recognized, it’s like a lightbulb goes off.

Fonts impact first impressions

When someone interacts with your brand for the first time, within seconds they already have formed a first impression with what your brand is telling them. This happens through the personality your font is giving. For example, serif fonts have the personality traits of traditional, authoritative and respect. Font four, from above (Georgia Italic), is a great example of a serif font. The serif fonts are the rounded slabs at the end of the “f” and “r”.

Fonts impact brand association

Fonts impact how consumers associate with and relate to your brand. Does it align with their personal lifestyle? If your font selection is a professional, strict serif font, then it’s probably not suitable for a casual, trendy company. People associate who they really are (or who they desire to be) with brands. To successfully select the appropriate font, make sure you understand your audience. Every design decision should be chosen for them.

Fonts give promises

Font selection tells your audience what kind of experience than can expect to get from you every time. Do you promise a clean and straightforward buying process? Maybe it’s a modern and forward-thinking environment? No matter what your font is “saying” be sure to deliver on it. The psychology of font selection isn’t something business owners think about often, however, it’s an important aspect to consider. Having a cohesive brand that resonates with your targeted audience is critical to any business’ success. Let’s continue the conversation! Drop us a line on Twitter.