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How to Use Your Art and Video Assets

September 8, 2020

How to Use Your Art and Video Assets

When you partner with the awesome crew at Digital Brew, you get much more than an animated video, and we mean that literally! 

First off, we always make sure you know how to use your video to its full potential (if you don’t already have a strategy planned) by offering free workbooks and giving you the opportunity to pick our brains.

But more importantly, once your video is complete we send you a nice little virtual package that includes a raw file of your video and the art assets we used to create the video.

This is actually a pretty huge deal, and we don’t see enough of our clients utilizing these assets to their full potential. So, naturally, we decided we needed to write a blog about it. 

So, here are the best ways you can fully take advantage of all the goodies Digital Brew sends you after finishing a video project.

Art For Your Landing Page

Our friends over at Blezoo did a great job using all of their video assets to their fullest potential. They created a landing page to host their new video that features the artwork from the video and really makes the page come alive. 

And not only does incorporating your art into your video landing page tie everything together nicely, it also helps your potential customers get a good visual of the products and services you can offer them before and after they watch the video.

And you’re not limited to just your landing pages. You could create an infographic, detailing everything a potential customer needs to know about your brand, featuring your fresh new artwork from the Brew Crew!

Gifs for Emails and Social

What’s the best way to spice up your marketing strategy (besides an animated video of course)? Gifs! For when you want to give a little teaser of your product, or just want to add a little more umph to your next newsletter, a gif made from your animated video will do the trick!

You can also reuse clips from your video to create entirely new messages, all while staying true to your brand’s look. For example, we took a little clip from the video we created for ACCESS Vets to wish our followers a happy National Dog Day!

Inspiration for Rebranding

If you love the way your video looks, why not freshen up your brand? While going through the rebranding process may sound like more trouble than it’s worth, having a starting point with the art from your video makes it much simpler. 

Rather than just keeping your art assets to your landing page, you can use them throughout your site and on your social platforms to solidify the new look of your brand. And, we’d be happy to provide you with additional characters or artwork to finish your rebranding efforts, just let us know and we’ll make it happen!

Many Birds, One Stone

As you can see, there’s so much you can get out of just one animated video. If you’ve used assets from your video in a way we haven’t mentioned, we’d love to hear what you did! We’re always looking for new ideas to give our clients.

And, as always, if you need help figuring out the best way to implement your video into your marketing strategy, we’d love to help!

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