video and the brain

[INFOGRAPHIC] Video and the Brain: The Importance of Emotional Connections

Video, especially online video, and the brain have a very special psychological relationship. Inherently visual, videos spark emotional connections — they make us happy, sad, hungry or one of the thousands of feelings in between. These reactions are reflective of human nature, and they contribute a great deal to whether we engage with the video (or product or service!) after viewing.

As people who work with video every day, we’re totally aware of the magical powers a good piece of video content has. Something we take very seriously at Digital Brew is the impact behind our videos — we want every frame of video and every line of the script to foster some kind of emotional connection with our viewer.

Since we spend so much time thinking about emotional impacts, we decided to do a little research into video and the brain, and the best methods of creating that emotional connection. Here’s what we found, in infographic form.

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video and the brain infographic

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