How To Choose A Voice Over Artist

[INFOGRAPHIC] How To Choose A Voice Over Artist That Customers Relate To

When you’re selling something online, it’s important to get all the details right. Seemingly minuscule variables like color or button size can have dramatic and trackable effects on the amount of conversions your online business makes. Particularly in the video production of online advertising, small elements can be actually be major — even down to the voice over artist.

We discuss the voice over in one of the first calls we have with our clients, establishing their video’s target market and intention before sending over options for which voice over artist their video should use. Our main source for finding voice over actors is the website, which was why we were so excited to reach out to their team to learn more about what voices work, why they sell more and how to spot which voice over artist is for you!

Using data from’s 2017 Trends Report, we’re able to tell you which voice over artist is best, at least for this year: The Approachable Expert. Learn more about this voice type (and why it works!) in the infographic below, and be sure to let us know what you think!

How to choose a voice over actor for your video project. The "approachable expert" is the most favored voice artist type out of all of them, according to marketing decision-makers. (Think Jim from the office!) Learn about the approachable expert and why it converts at


Check out an example of the Approachable Expert in one of our own videos:

What do you think? Are there examples of voice over artists that totally nail the Approachable Expert role? Be sure to let us know on Twitter what you think!

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