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Is TikTok Good for Your Business?

January 31, 2023

Is TikTok Good for Your Business?

Recently we talked about the power of video for marketing. And as you’re looking into whether short form videos are right for you, you might be wondering if and how you can utilize it for TikTok. So for this blog, we’re going to do a little overview about the ins and outs of TikTok. While it might seem simple on the surface, it’s a bit more complicated than you think. But here are some ways to help you decide if TikTok isgood for your business.

Posting Frequency

When you’re on TikTok you’re going to want to post a lot. Like, “1-4 times a day” a lot. This might seem a little counterintuitive if you’re familiar with other social media platforms but that’s the best way to use it in your favor. With other platforms, take Facebook for example, if you post that much, your followers are going to get overwhelmed and annoyed. But on TikTok, people don’t have a feed the same way other platforms do. By posting that often on TikTok, you’re increasing your chance of a video showing up on a user’s “For You” page. With a frequency like that, it’s a good idea for your organization to have someone dedicated to keeping up with TikTok. It’s not a set it and forget it kind of app.

Keep Up with the TikTok Trends

Sounds, dances, stitches, and #hashtags are some of the different types of trends you’ll want to stay on top of if you’re diving into TikTok. Not only will these keep you relevant, but they should also keep you popping up in front of users. But like we said earlier, to build your brand on TikTok, you’ll want someone focused on keeping up with all this. If you’ve scrolled through the app before, you’ll probably have noticed videos using hashtags that aren’t actually related to the video. Usually they’ll refer to something big going one like a popular Netflix release. But by knowing those hashtags are popular, it can help get your video in front of more people.

If TikTok is Good for Your Business, Authenticity Matters

TikTok users can spot something phony within seconds. If it’s something overly produced, TikTok users will immediately get suspicious. So a lot of ads are actually starting to look more and more like your favorite TikToker talking to the camera. So if you are bringing your brand to TikTok, you’ll need to make sure that you’re giving your brand an authentic voice. You can have produced video but it should be more content focused than sales focused. Your videos should be more personal and relatable. Now of course this is a little different if you already have massive followings on other platforms. But if you’re trying to build from the ground up, authenticity is key.

The Long and Short (Form Video) of It

Hopefully that gives you a good idea about whether or not you think TikTok is right for you. It’s a chaotic, fast-paced platform where you’ll have to be ready to pivot quickly to keep up with its trends. And the amount of time it takes to be successful at it would probably make it the job of at least one person in your organization. And don’t be concerned if you don’t think TikTok is good for your business. There are plenty of other ways to be successful with short form video in your marketing campaigns. If you’d ever like to discuss some of those ways, you can reach out to us here!

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