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In The Know: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple TV and More

September 15, 2015

In The Know: iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, Apple TV and More
The wait is over! After weeks of hints and speculation, Apple execs came together last week for their highly anticipated annual event in San Francisco– unveiling new products that included the iPhone 6s, iPad Pro, and an all-new Apple TV, new Apple Watch features and bands, and fresh OS updates (iOS 9, tvOS, and WatchOS 2). We took a break from our daily endeavors to get all the juicy details for you. Without further ado, here’s everything you want to know from Apple’s Special Event.

Apple Watch: New Models, New Bands, WatchOS 2

After promising some “monsters announcements”, Apple Inc. CEO, Tim Cook, wasted no time and went straight to the juicy stuff– starting with the Apple Watch. With just a few months in the market and 97% customer satisfaction, Cook says, the Apple Watch has proven to help its users “live a better day” with its functionality and simplicity. 10 different apple watches New bands and color options, such as gold and rose gold finishes, will become available in October. Along with new looks, Apple is welcoming the next generation of OS, WatchOS 2 – with more faces, a selection of over 10,000 Watch apps, adding native apps like Facebook Messenger, iTranslate and GoPro, and features like 3rd-party complications. This feature will allow you to see the information that is important to you, such as the latest news, scheduled meetings, and Time Travel – a feature that lets you see what’s ahead later in the day. Apple Watch users can get their WatchOS 2 update starting on September 16.

iPad Pro: The Future of Personal Computing

Once again, Cook set the mood before presenting the iPad Pro, saying these would be the “biggest news in iPad since the iPad”– and he did not disappoint. The iPad Pro (available in November with a price range of $799-$1079) is heavily geared towards productivity and meant to transform the way we work. The iPad Pro is bigger, better, faster, and louder.
Apple executive presenting the first Ipad Pro
The super-sized iPad is as thin as the iPad Air, has a 12.9-inch retina display, a 4-speaker audio system, a new chip that is 1.8x faster than the previous one, and some cool new accessories like a Smart Keyboard ($169) and the Apple Pencil ($99).
Ipad Pro with Smart keyboardSomeone drawing on Ipad Pro with apple pencil

Apple TV: New User Experience, New Remote, tvOS

The new Apple TV will be available in October with prices ranging from $149 for a 32GB to $199  for a 64GB – that’s twice as expensive as the previous model. But the hefty price might be worth it for Apple TV fans and new-comers. The new Apple TV got a complete revamp.
apple tv and controller
An updated tvOS is already available for Apple TV users and it comes with new built-in apps including games, Airbnb, and Netflix. Along with an updated OS and brand new user experience, the Apple TV comes with a new remote with a touch pad and built-in Siri. Siri will now let you search across different apps, including iTunes, Netflix, HBO and Showtime. If someone interrupts a very important binge session, you can ask Siri to rewind a show 15 seconds for you. Got questions about the weather or a certain actor? Ask away – the answers show up in overlays without interrupting the show or movie you are watching.

iPhone 6s: Same Prices, New Colors, 3D Touch

From the outside, the iPhone 6s looks awfully similar to the iPhone 6, which was expected. The iPhone 6s does come in rose gold, and a lot of folks are loving this addition. But it is what’s inside that has got people talking. Apple introduced the next generation of multi-touch technology. 3D Touch recognizes pressure and allows new types of gestures, for quick and easy access to the things you do frequently. Another cool feature is Live Photos, which turns photos into mini videos without any extra effort from the photographer. Of course, there is the iOS upgrade. Aside from smarter, faster performance and increased security, iOS 9 comes with great upgrades on its built-in apps. The Notes app now lets you add photos, maps, links, and even draw a sketch on a note. And the Maps app has finally caught up with its competition, Google Maps, allowing users to see and easily use public transportation. The iOS 9 upgrade will be available for iPhone and iPad on September 16. Pre-orders for the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus start September 12 and will be available in stores on September 25. The prices will remain the same as that of the previous models and Apple is providing a more flexible payment option for those users that cannot wait to get their hands on the newest iPhones. The iPhone upgrade program lets you upgrade to the latest iPhone every year for a fee that starts at $32 a month.
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