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How To Launch A Local Video Marketing Campaign (Ft. 30+ Content Ideas!)

August 16, 2017

How To Launch A Local Video Marketing Campaign (Ft. 30+ Content Ideas!)
When own or work for a local business, you know it can be difficult to pull in new customers. While other businesses can rely on web traffic from all over the world to support their business, you have to localize your marketing efforts. Luckily, local video marketing can do wonders to promote your business, engage new and current customers and make you more money. When it comes to video marketing for local businesses, we’re an especially big fan of branded content here at Digital Brew. Chances are you are, too. We’re willing to bet you’re a sucker for overhead recipe videos or have tagged at least one friend in a beautiful video from a world-class vacation spot. When you engage with content that contains a subtle promotion, like sharing a 30-second clip of a monstrous burger, you’re actually engaging with branded content. Video, when interesting, helps disguise the more self-promotional aspects of advertising. Provide interesting content, and the customers will come. Often through sponsored branded content, travel and food accounts dominate the local video marketing game. In any niche, however, you can be successful in local business’ video marketing. Here’s how: Create a video showcasing your product or service. It’s really that simple: just record a video.

30 Content Ideas To Kick Off Your Local Video Marketing Campaign

To make it even easier, we’ve listed 30 local video marketing video suggestions, based on industry, that should spark an idea on how you can use video to showcase your brand.


  • Video of a fork diving into mac and cheese
  • Shot of a bun smashing down burger
  • Testimonial featuring happy customer taking a bite
  • Video of pizza going into oven
  • Shot of sushi being sliced
  • Video of cheese being grated onto dish
  • Shots of any stage of food preparation
  • Video of dish being plated
  • Video cutting into a mouth-watering dessert  
  • Slow motion video of waiter/waitress pouring wine


  • Video of client receiving massage (we recommend an overhead shot)
  • Before/After video of facial results
  • Video of hair color application
  • Slow-motion video of client shaking out tresses
  • Video of nail polish application
  • Close-up video of makeup application
  • Overview/tutorial video from specialist
  • Product showcase or spotlight
  • Video spa tour
  • Meet the stylist videos


  • Video tour of shop
  • Outfit try-on’s (multiple shots combined into one video)
  • Go live with the season’s latest pieces
  • How-to videos for complicated clothing items
  • Video showcasing jewelry collection
  • Meet the owner video
  • Brand story video for shop
  • Slow motion video of interesting fabrics
  • Explainer videos
  • Video showcasing unique design elements
We really want to know – will you use any of these ideas? If you do, be sure to tag Digital Brew on Instagram so we can give you a shoutout for kicking your local video marketing into gear!