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Why Your Marketing Video Needs Quality Custom Graphics

January 7, 2016

Why Your Marketing Video Needs Quality Custom Graphics
Let’s talk about custom graphics. If you pay attention, you’ll notice most professional videos include some type of graphic element. Whether it’s a logo animation, icons, lower third templates, a call to action slide or all of the above, graphics add incredible value to videos. How so? Let’s dig a little deeper.

Lower Third Graphics

Lower third graphics, for instance, are a great addition to interview and testimonial videos. They help communicate contextual information such as names, titles, and locations to your audience. Plus, they give videos a professional and polished look, if done right, of course. You want this.
good lower third exemple

Logo Animation

Speaking of branding! – another great branded element that can be implemented into your video marketing is logo animation. Static logos are rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Your logo is like the face of your company – so don’t just slap an outdated motionless logo on your precious video. Besides looking great, an animated logo will grab your viewer’s attention and increase your brand awareness. They can be as simple or as complex as you want them to be. Adding an animated logo to your video will elevate your brand and maintain a fluid storytelling experience for the viewer.

Motion Graphics

We saved our favorite for last. Motion graphics combine different creative elements like icons, typography, characters, graphs, shapes, and other illustrations – the possibilities are endless! You can add as little or as much as you like.
good motion graphics example
You can go all the way and have a completely animated video.
good motion graphics example
But these graphic elements are more than just something fun to look at. Motion graphics help support and simplify your business’ most complex ideas. Making sure your audience understands your message and enjoys watching your video.

Now let’s talk about quality.

Custom graphics add a great deal of production value and will set your company apart. As valuable as these elements are, people often overlook the importance of their quality. This could make or break your video. When contracting work for custom graphics, the designer should be asking you a lot of questions. If he/she doesn’t request your company colors, fonts, who your target market is and more, you may not be happy with the result. We take all of this into account when designing custom graphics and animations for a client to be sure we capture the company’s style and what emotions the video is aimed to evoke. Most video production companies will include some sort of graphics package. A basic package should, at least, include a logo animation, lower thirds template and a call to action slide. So make sure you’re getting your money’s worth. Ptss, and if you feel you’re not – don’t be shy – give us a shout! Our priority is to ensure that clients obtain the greatest amount of value from their videos. Well-done graphics are a sure way to sustain brand credibility and gain the audience’s confidence. Have questions? We’d be happy to help! We know a thing or two about custom graphics and animation (it’s kind of our thing). Drop us a line at or tweet at us @digitalbrew_co.