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Periscope: What It Is and Why It’s Important

August 20, 2015

Periscope: What It Is and Why It’s Important
There are two major vehicles trending in the space of content marketing. The first is video. The second is mobile. Let’s look at the latter. Thanks to Statista, we know that Android offers 1.6 million apps to its mobile users as of July 2015, and Apple is not far behind with 1.5 million apps in its app store. Arguably one of the most popular, quick-to-rise apps in today’s mobile landscape is Periscope. With 10 million downloads in only 6 months, of course, brands and consumers alike are raising eyebrows asking, “What the heck is Periscope?” periscope

What the heck is Periscope?

Periscope combines the two most trending things in content marketing- video and mobile. It is a live streaming mobile app owned by Twitter that allows users to view and interact with live video content from all over the world. The Periscope tagline is “Explore the world through someone else’s eyes.”

Why it’s important

Real-time access to moments that matter

Mobile devices are considered to be highly personal. Pair this personal device with real-time videos and experiences, and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Brands are especially jumping on the Periscope movement because it’s a perfect area to take advantage of micro-moments. “A micro-moment is a mobile moment that requires only a glance to identify and delivers quick information that you can either consume or act on immediately.” Read up on micro-moments here. Brands are realizing that consumers are forming their opinions of brands through the content they receive on their mobile phones. Whether it’s to search or to check their social media accounts, the interaction between a user and their phone is increasingly intimate and confidential making it the golden spot for brands.

Allows immediate interaction

Not only is Periscope delivering valuable, real-time video content, it also allows users to immediately interact via likes and comments with each other and the video that is being streamed. This makes Periscope different from any other video streaming mobile app that’s on the market today. This is where Periscope’s parent, Twitter comes into play. Twitter has capitalized on the short form, immediate communication. That same communication model is being expanded on within Periscope by added the element of user-generated videos.

Streamlining convenience

To tie in the previous two points, Periscope is streamlining how information is being consumed making it more convenient, entertaining and personal. As we know, anything that is to be thoroughly adopted and integrated into everyday consumption must be convenient and entertaining. Call us millennials, but if Periscope isn’t something that puts the future of communication into perspective, we don’t know what will. How consumers receive and share information is drastically changing year by year. phone screen showing the periscope app Periscope is a live streaming video app for mobile phones. That has seen massive growth and was acquired by the communication giant, Twitter. How users are consuming the videos that are being live streamed on Periscope is something brands are avidly pushing to be a part of. Being active on Periscope is different from that of any other social media platform. It’s less about how often brands should be active, and more about being active when and where it counts. Don’t forget! It’s about real-time access to events that matter. We could talk on and on about Periscope, social media, and video marketing, so let’s nerd out on Twitter! —> @Digitalbrew_co