Falcon’s Creative Brand Story

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Falcon’s Creative Group has had an enormous impact in creating innovative theme parks and ride attractions around the world. They’ve created some of the most compelling stories within completely immersive environments. We weren’t surprised when they wanted to showcase their latest and most advanced plans to implement their own virtual reality and augmented reality developments. Watch to see firsthand Falcon’s is pushing the boundaries once again.

This is a great example of the showcase or announcement videos we make here at Digital Brew that work wonders at keeping your audience up-to-date. Way more interesting than a press release!

Bonus Story: Most of us at Digital Brew are big time gamers and tech enthusiasts, and we’ve been entralled with the idea of virtual reality ever since the Oculus Rift first made headlines. There’s no doubt — not only we were giddy to film what Falcon’s has been cooking up with VR, but we were over the moon to be able to try it out for ourselves. We are so grateful to Falcon’s for that! Hopefully they’ll let us come hang again soon!


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