Gamefly Streaming US Sizzle

Project Details

Gamefly is known as the “Netflix of Gaming.” They’ve been around just as long, but now they have launched the ability to stream games straight to your TV without the need for a console or super computer! To the regular gamers here at Digital Brew, we are amazed at how far Gamefly has come and how dramatically they’ve changed the video game landscape. We were honored to be chosen by Gamefly to help them share their big news with this video!

At Digital Brew we love both animation and live-action film, but when we get to combine our top quality 4K photography with composited motion graphics, like in this Gamefly video, it’s a dream. A challenge like this project really pushes our team to work more closely together across our different creative departments. With this specific project it was extra fun, from conception and storyboarding to filming and animating, along with working with the awesome and imaginative people from Gamefly. Thanks Gamefly!


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