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The Right Animated Explainer Video Style For Your Business

October 26, 2015

The Right Animated Explainer Video Style For Your Business
Animated explainer videos are taking over the Internet. At this point, you’ve already seen dozens of animated explainers and know that explainer videos are one of the most effective online marketing tools for engagement and ROI. You’re ready to make an investment but… you’re not sure which animated explainer video style is the best fit for your business? Before you make your decision, you need to ask yourself: Who are you targeting? What is your message? How do you want your message to be delivered? The answers to these questions play a crucial part in choosing the right video style that will resonate with your prospects and convert them into customers. Although choosing the right way to convey your message through an explainer video can seem a bit overwhelming at first, fret not, my friend. Digital Brew is here to help! We have narrowed it down to two of the most popular and effective animated explainer video styles and we are going to walk you through which style is best for your audience.

Animated Infographics

This style is clean and mainly composed of text, illustrations, numbers, statistics and icons that are in constant motion. This type of explainer video is good for factual content. Animated infographics are great for finance and tech companies that are looking to explain and sell a complex product or service. Graphic elements such as colors, shapes, and fluid motion keep the viewer engaged and make it easier for them to understand your product or service and engage with your brand.

Cartoon Style

This style of explainer video tends to be more time consuming and higher budget. But there’s a reason why it’s the most asked for explainer video style. It stands out! The main ingredients of a cartoon style video are lovable characters, advanced animations, and storytelling. These videos usually present a problem and showcases your product or service as the solution– all in a fun and engaging way.  The most important part of any video is emotional engagement and having the characters in your video is sure fire way to make that emotional connection with your audience. Character animated videos are great for Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) companies that are looking for a fun and casual approach. Adding characters that represent your brand personas and a story that resonates with them will help create a strong bond. Plus, it adds instant cool points to your brand! We hope you’ve found this information helpful. Got questions? Ready to get started on an animated explainer video for your business? Contact us! Let’s get brewin’!