Secret Sauce: 3 Trends to Use In Your Video Marketing

Have you started planning your 2016 video marketing campaign? If you have, make sure to consider these 3 video marketing trends.

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Hey guys, what’s up? Tessa here with Digital Brew. And the Secret Sauce for today is “3 Trends To Use In Your Video Marketing.”

1. Video Homepages

If you cruise over digitalbrew.com, that top header there, of the young boy, is actually a video. By using video home pages, it makes your website more personable and your brand more approachable.

 2. Drones and Aerial Footage

Now, you may think that drone belong in a sci-fi movie, but in reality, the footage they produce gives a trendy and professional touch in any production.

3. Animated Explainers

Explainer videos are the most effective form of video content. Google the statistics, you just need one!

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