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Secret Sauce: 3 Ways to Up Your Game in Email Marketing

January 16, 2016

Secret Sauce: 3 Ways to Up Your Game in Email Marketing
Nowadays, people filter through their emails like crazy! So, the big question is, how can you up your game and fine-tune your email marketing campaign?

1. Delete Inactive Users

To some people, this may sound crazy. Email lists are all about subscriber count, right?Wrong! By gutting out the inactive users, incorrect emails, or simply people who just don’t want to be there, you increase bounce rates, click-through rates, open rates… Pretty much any rate in the world.

2. Create Compelling Headlines

One of my favorite resources is Copyblogger. They share a ton of great content on creating compelling headlines. Just one tip would be to spark curiosity. Your reader should ask themselves another question after they read your headline.

3. Integrate Social Media

This expands your reach and opens you up for new subscribers who would truly appreciate your content. Also, don’t forget to ask your current subscribers to spread the world. Was this helpful at all? Give us a shout @DigitalBrew_co. We’d love to hear from ya!