3 Ways to Grow Your Following on Instagram

Secret Sauce: 3 Ways to Grow Your Following on Instagram

With over 400 million followers, Instagram can be a powerful marketing tool. In this week’s Secret Sauce we will tell you 3 different strategies you can use to increase your following on Instagram.

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What’s up guys? Today’s Secret Sauce is “Three ways to increase your following on Instagram.” Instagram is relatively new, but this all-visual platform is proving crucial for brand storytelling.

1. Post consistently

Instagram likes and promotes brands that post at least once a week.

2. Use hashtags

Hashtags help potential followers find you. But beware, using irrelevant hashtags may make you look desperate. The Instagram community can smell desperation from a mile away.

3. Respond and interact

Again, Instagram likes this kind of activity, so if someone takes the time to engage with you, be sure to respond back.

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