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Snapchat’s New Discover Platform – What that Means for Marketing

After Snapchat turned down Facebook’s $3 billion acquisition offer, the social networking company is proving to be a force to be reckoned with. Just this morning Spatchat announced it’s pushing $19 billion in valuation. Now the company has recently launched it’s newest feature, Discover.

Discover allows Snapchat to deliver high quality, bite-sized content to its audience via videos, photos, and text. Users are able to browse long-form articles and videos. The content in Discover comes from trustworthy brands such as Comedy Central, National Geographic and CNN who are now publisher partners with Snapchat. The initial launch of Discover received colossal results for the partners: several million views per publisher, per day.

Advertising space offered within the articles are what sets Discover apart. Once a user clicks an article noninvasive, in-use ads will be placed in the article. Not only will brands tap into Snapchat’s core audience of millennials, it will also penetrate the publisher’s audience as well.

For example, CNN has a more mature audience. If CNN published an article with ad space from a smaller company, the smaller company will receive viewers from Snapchat’s millennials and CNN’s older audience, therefore giving the smaller company a more diverse, wider audience.

The youth and millennials are less likely to turn on the television to receive news. Snapchat’s Discover offers a trustworthy method of delivering content to millennials in an environment they are comfortable with. Experts can’t analyze and compare the numbers yet since the feature is still very new, but it may be the biggest thing in content delivery since Twitter’s news feed.

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