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Staff Pick of the Oscar Noms

February 18, 2015

Staff Pick of the Oscar Noms
This week we surveyed our staff of film buffs on their opinion of the Oscar nominee’s. The results: we’re a positively divided group of opinionated people. According to our film pros, either Boyhood or American Sniper will take the win for Best Picture. Although I didn’t take the survey myself,  I’d love to see American Sniper take the prize for three reasons. One: the story is incredibly strong. Two: it raises awareness to our soldiers and vets. The life of Christopher Kyle is beyond tragic. Bravery and loyalty are taken to new, beautiful extremes with him as our example. And three: the film is captivating, allowing the viewer to lose themselves and walk away seeing from new eyes. Not only did we ask the Brewmasters their opinion on who’s going to win Best Picture. Their responses are comical.
  1. What’s your shelved Oscar idea? Unlimited resources, the sky’s the limit. What would you create?
President, Michael Cardwell said: “If I had an Oscar idea, we’d be doing it! ;)” Of course he’d say that. He’s the boss. With unlimited resources, Digital Artist Douglas Jarman’s shelved Oscar idea is to create a Spiderman movie that doesn’t suck. *Cough Spiderman 3 Cough* Sorry Toby. Digital Brew’s Cinematographer, Sean Benson claims his short film “The Forever” could have taken home a win. His responses of who… Will Win: American Sniper Could Win: Grand Budapest Hotel Should Win: Birdman Shoulda Been Here: The Forever ( Michael and Sean are rooting for the two independent animated features in the running hoping to see either Song of the Sea or The Tale of Princess Kaguya take Best Animated Feature, while designer and animator, Beau Benson is still sore from The Lego Movie’s Oscar snub. Astoundingly, all of the Brewmasters unanimously agreed on one thing. Birdman. They say, without a doubt, Birdman is going to take home Best Cinematography. From Beau Benson, “Birdman will win Best Cinematography for its constantly moving, never-cutting camera look that involved a lot of careful and quick planning.”