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How to Talk to the Creative Team

February 10, 2016

How to Talk to the Creative Team
If you just hired a video production company, chances are you will be dealing with a bunch of creative personality types. If you are more analytical, this can be a moment of anxiety. How do you deal with a team of people that have a completely different personality type than yours? We have some tips for you. After reading this post, all your problems will be solved. Ok. Maybe not ALL your problems, but you will be much closer to an awesome video and a no-anxiety process. Here we go.

Be Clear

Sometimes you have this awesome idea that is difficult to translate it into words. It happens to all of us. But when you hire a person to produce your video you need to present your ideas in a way they can understand so they can bring your ideas to life. Sit down and write about what you are trying to accomplish. Then take a break and look at it again later. If you got it perfect the first time, great. If not, rewrite it, make changes until you think you got it right. Then set it aside and take a look at it the following day. Sometimes, all you need is a little break. Once you have your ideas organized on paper, you are ready to share them with others. When you sit down to talk to the creative team about your ideas, don’t read to them, instead, speak to them about it. Not getting your point across? Send them a follow-up email with your notes.

Have Your Team on The Same Page

We’re all different and we all have different opinions. Thank goodness, right? What a boring world this would be otherwise. But when it comes to videos for your company, you should get your whole team on the same page and stick to one plan of action to share with the creative team. Before you bring your ideas to your production company or creative agency, sit down with your team and figure out the direction of your video. You definitely don’t want the people you hired to produce your video wasting time trying to figure out who they should listen to or which idea is the one that should prevail. That will only take time away from what matters in your project. And that’s time they should be spending on making an awesome video for you.

Be Open Minded

We like it when we get hired to produce a video for someone who is already pointed in the direction of what they want. It’s even better when people have a direction and are open-minded! That’s when our best work comes to life. Remember, if you hired a person to work on your video, it’s probably because you like their work. So, trust them when they tell you some things work better than others. And let them be a little creative, they will probably knock your socks off if you give them a chance.

Not The Decision Maker? Let Them Know

There’s nothing worse than getting halfway into a project and finding out that your time has been wasted, and that the person you have been listening to was not the decision maker and the actual decision maker wants to go a completely different route. Not cool. It may seem like this kind of situations would never happen, but it does. So if you are not the decision maker, please make it clear from the beginning that you are not ultimately calling the shots.

Timely Feedback

Feedback is very important for the creative team. That’s how they will be able to know if they are on the right track or if they need to change things up a bit. If the project is due on the 30th and they send their work in to be revised on the 15th, don’t wait until the 28th to give them some feedback. Your project will not be done on time. We know you’re busy, but timely feedback is essential if you need it to be done on time! Easy peasy, right! Follow these tips and you will be well on your way to having a great video and a great relationship with the creative team. Do you feel ready to take on this project? Drop us a line at (407) 641-0152 or email us at