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The Importance of Team Building

March 21, 2023

The Importance of Team Building

As we get buried in the daily grind of our jobs, it’s easy to become insulated in our worlds. Sometimes we forget the importance of team building and effectively working with our coworkers. This is especially important at collaborative jobs (like working at a studio like Digital Brew). And while the bulk of most work is still done on your own, it’s important to understand how to effectively communicate and give feedback to one another.


Whether you’re working in a warehouse, a creative space, or a bank, effective and respectful communication is important. Your job affects (and is affected by) your coworkers. So it’s important to be able to communicate with each other. That’s where the importance of team building comes into play. You’re put into situations where you might be interacting with coworkers you might not speak to often. Not everybody works the same way. Some people fly by the seat of their pants and others try to be more organized. It’s important to know how to effectively work with coworkers of all styles.

The Importance of Team Building to Discover Strengths

One of the great things about team building is learning people’s strengths and weaknesses. We all have both, so it’s important to know what they are. Not just so we can work to improve ourselves, but also so we understand where everyone fits together in a team. You also might discover things you’re great at or interested in that you had no idea about! Then you’ll know going forward which projects are best suited to which teammates. That’s what makes a team great, we all have unique skills that we’re bringing to the table.

The Brew Cup

Something we do on a monthly basis here at Digital Brew for team building is the Brew Cup. One Friday of every month, everyone will be split into teams and given a prompt with specific restrictions. Each team will have five hours to create a short video around that prompt. Each month the teams are different so everyone has the opportunity to work with each other. It lets us collaborate with coworkers we might not normally work with. We’ve discovered coworkers that are good at voice work, learned new animation techniques from another one, and have a chance to stretch our creativity in ways we might not normally be able to. Once they’re finished, we vote on our favorite video and the winning team gets a prize. These things not only help us build strong bonds with each other, but it gives us nice break from the day-to-day and the opportunity to do something fun (another aspect in the importance of team building)

Team Building!

Those are just a few reasons that team building is so important. Remember, these are all speaking in pretty broad terms so they might apply to your workforce a little differently. The big takeaway though, is that you want to get your team members working together and understanding the ways different people work. There’s a reason there are whole courses designed around these concepts. It’s important to be able to respectfully work as a team. And if you ever want to discuss some of the cool videos the team here at Digital Brew can make for you, you can always reach out to us here!

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