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Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos for Converter Companies

January 19, 2024

Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos for Converter Companies

We’re back with another Top 5 Animated Explainer Video list! This week (as our title suggests) we’re covering five of our favorite explainer videos we’ve made for converter companies. We’ve been very fortunate to be trusted by a number of converter companies to make animated explainer videos for them. We’re proud of all of them. But here’s five that we wanted to showcase.

Seal Methods

First up is an Emmy award-winning video! Seal Methods wanted a video that not only talked about their services, but their rich history and expertise. We think brewmasters Blake Wyrick and Doug Jarman put together this slick video that we feel really captures their brand and the variety of services they offer.

Kent Manufacturing

More often than not, our animated explainer videos for converter companies are done with 3D animation. That’s usually because a video that’s more photorealistic helps show the way converter components are used in our real world gadgets. But we can also create compelling animated explainer videos in 2D, and that’s in no short part to brewmasters like Nadya Sudjita and Tito Guzman who brought this video to life. 


This Tekra animated explainer video is another great showcase of our 3D animation for converter companies. They wanted a video talking about their services and their access to high quality materials. We think Beau Benson and Doug Jarman killed it with this sleek animated explainer video! 


Marian creates high quality products to be used internally for things like batteries, and other important technology. So they needed a high quality animated explainer video to show off just how incredible their solutions are. Our illustrators and animators made sure that we showed the breakdown of each part of the batter, highlighting Marian’s wide variety of parts and components.


This video for Boyd is another great example of how we can show off converter companies with a 2D style. While it may not look photorealistic like some of our 3D videos, our talented brewmasters were still able to create exploded videos of products in a fun way. And of course, it still shows off the converting capabilities and die-cut components that Boyd’s known for.

Brewing Converter Animated Explainer Videos

When you make a lot of videos for an industry, it can be a challenge to make sure every video is wholly unique but it’s a challenge we love. And of course, while converter companies operate in the same industry, there are plenty of things about each company that make them stand out. That’s something we take pride in for our animated explainer videos: Drilling down into what really makes a company special. So if you’re interested in your own video, or just want to learn a little more about the process, you can always reach out to us here.