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How Video Impacts SEO

May 7, 2015

How Video Impacts SEO
Search engines are becoming increasingly smarter. Gone are the days where text-rich documents rule the search results. These days, it’s all about blended search. Blended search refers to the integration of text, videos, blogs, images, downloads, etc. on any given page on a website. At Digital Brew, we specialize in video production and animation, so let’s analyze how utilizing video in your business’ content strategy can drastically change your search engine ranking.

More Traffic

There are several ways in which video drives more traffic to your web page through SEO including SERPs and inbound links. SERPs stands for Search Engine Results Pages. Having your company’s website on the first page of Google is always the goal here. Fun fact: if you use a video on your website, your page is 53x more likely to result on the first page of Google! Of course, we know this is important, but let’s put the level of importance into perspective. Google search screen shot Results on the first page of Google receive 71% of all the organic clicks, while a company on the second page of the SERPs receive 5% of the organic clicks. That’s a substantial difference! From this, we know that 66% of opportunities are lost simply from being on the second page, not the first, of Google’s search result pages. Don’t miss out on this opportunity! When speaking of traffic as it relates to SEO, it’s important to note that search engines love links. In fact, it is Google’s most important criteria in establishing your page rank. Inbound links are links from other parts of the internet directing back to your site. Not only do search engines love inbound links, but you can increase your reach from the referral’s audience. For example, if HubSpot wrote a blog post and linked to Digital Brew’s website, Digital Brew would gain additional exposure from HubSpot’s audience.

Increased Conversions

What’s more traffic without an increase in conversion? Not much if your goal is to increase sales. Whether a short-term or a long-term goal, increasing the bottom line is every business owner’s goal. Search engines drive traffic, but it’s up to the landing page and it’s content to convert. This is where video comes in. Implementing a quality video piece before the fold of your site maintains a low bounce rate, and tells search engines that the content on your page is valuable to the user. In turn, this allows for higher click-through rates on your call to actions. Bingo! Website screen shot There is one statistic, however, that I find incredibly important because it’s about consumer confidence and their trust in your brand. According to ReelSEO, 73% of consumers are more likely to purchase or sign up for a service after they have watched a video. Seventy-three percent! A customer’s trust in a company is really what all marketing efforts boil down to. The customer needs to feel comfortable and willing to reach out. This study proves that videos are the best way to relate to your customer, allowing them to feel confident in their decision to sign up. Videos are the most underutilized tool when it comes to SEO. There are still a lot of opportunity for companies to take advantage of the power of video to drive traffic and increase conversions. Ensure you’re taking advantage of the power of video. Need help producing quality videos for your online content strategy? Have no fear! Contact the Brewmasters to outperform your competitors and make your business more successful.