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Nail Down Your Unique Selling Proposition With These 5 Questions

February 28, 2017

Nail Down Your Unique Selling Proposition With These 5 Questions
Welcome to the first installment of our Video Marketing Toolkit series! We’re detailing essential elements in your video marketing strategy. Got a question or suggestion? Shoot us an email! No matter what product, service or experience you’ve created, we’re all in business to do one thing: solve a problem. The most important step in any business plan is identifying your unique selling proposition. This step is also insanely useful when laying down the details of your video marketing plan. We know it can be a bit overwhelming. To make the process easier, we’re breaking down how to identify your unique selling proposition and then incorporate it into your video marketing strategy.

What is a Unique Selling Proposition?

A unique selling proposition is your company’s distinct offer to your target market. It’s your way of solving the problem at hand, whether it be a widespread issue or a niche market need. Every element of your business plan needs your USP, including your pricing, target and your video marketing strategy.

How To Identify Your Unique Selling Proposition

This step seems simple, but it can sometimes be the most difficult of all. Understanding a problem is more complex than simply identifying a pain point and calling it a day. It requires identifying your target customer, and illustrating exactly how you (and only you!) can solve their problem. The more specific you can get at this point in your business plan, the easier everything will be down the line.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself:

  • Who is my target customer? (Be specific!)
  • What problem is my target customer experiencing?
  • How does this problem make them feel? (Field research is instrumental here!)
  • How does my product/service solve my target customer’s problem?
  • How will my target customer’s life or business improve after I solve their problem?

How To Incorporate Your Unique Selling Proposition Into Your Video Marketing Strategy

Knowing your USP is vital in drafting your video marketing strategy, especially if you’re working with a video production partner. Before we get to work on any explainer video, we first set up a strategy call with the client. Both our creative director and copywriter sit in on the call, and we go through a series of questions to help us understand the company. The information gathered here later becomes the story, characters, mood and script for the video. Our specific questions help our team flesh out the unique selling proposition of the client’s product or service. The most important question we ask comes right at the beginning, when we ask the client, What pain points are you solving? Typically, their response is a perfectly articulated USP. More often than not, the explanation and analogies used by the client become the foundation for the video itself. After all, who knows your company like you know your company? If we skipped this step and jumped straight to some derivative of “What do you want this video to be?” we’d certainly have a lot less engaging material to work with.
Wondering how to word your unique selling proposition? The first step is asking yourself these 5 questions. Find more helpful tips like this at Digital Brew's Video Marketing Toolkit series, live now on the blog.
Even if your strategy doesn’t involve an explainer video, there are an infinite number of ways your USP is vital to your video marketing strategy. With any video, your USP is a non-negotiable first step before diving into the pre-production process. Ready to take the plunge and skyrocket your bottom line? You’d be wise to set up a call with us and work out how to get started. Click here to set up a call, we’d love to hear from you! Want to learn more about video marketing? Check out how to identify your target customer here!