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WebTV: Episodes that drive results

August 10, 2014

WebTV: Episodes that drive results
We’ve worked with several companies to produce quality web series that are used to drive results and engage potential consumers. When hosted on company websites, blogs, YouTube channels, through email marketing, and more, regular video content is a solid way to connect with audiences and increase an online presence. Here are some tips that we always keep in mind when producing web series content:
  1. Have a fantastic host. Whether you hire a professional or use a current staff member, this person is literally serving as the face of your brand and needs to properly represent the company culture and messaging. Attire, age, and personality should all be considered when choosing a host.
  2. Include case studies, member testimonials, or before and after examples. Each episode is an opportunity to show off the great work your team has done and how it is improving peoples’ lives. NPE does this well in its “The Hustle” segment.
  3. Include tips or educational content from a company expert. This helps establish authority on industry topics and viewers will be more likely to share content and come back for more.
  4. Quality graphics and branding are very important. Your colors, logo, and graphics need to be consistent and recognizable. Even great content is much harder to digest if the video quality is poor.
  5. Make it fun! Promote your messaging through genuinely helpful and entertaining content. People should want to watch your content because they enjoy it and gain some knowledge in the process.