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We make art that makes you money.

A Digital Brew video is unique in that it is hand-crafted, each frame reflecting your unique vision, message and appeal. Our team is passionate about the work they create, which means each piece is an artistic endeavor unlike anything else on the market. We’ve been doing this a while, and we’ve developed proven recipes for success. From script-writing and pre-production to the smallest of detail edits, we’ve got this whole “kick-ass video” thing down.

Check out our video production types below.

Explainer Videos

Some stories are better told in the world of imagination. Our explainer video team is the best in the biz, passionate about design and dedicated to creating immersive worlds of color and design that reflect your video’s message.

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Live Action

There’s nothing like the power of human connection. When you need a dose of reality, our live-action team is well equipped to handle your project’s needs. From high-quality recording to the finest edits, we’ve got all your live-action production needs covered.

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Bit of Both

One of the perks of a collaborative team is that we can seamlessly blend elements of animation and live-action videos into one piece of content. If your story calls for video that thinks outside the traditional box, you’re probably looking for a bit of both.

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