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Why 3D Explainer Videos are Best for Displaying Product Interiors

June 17, 2024

Why 3D Explainer Videos are Best for Displaying Product Interiors

One of the types of videos we showcase a lot on this blog are our 3D explainers videos. And while we love all types of animated explainer videos, there’s a few things you can do with 3D explainer videos that you can’t quite pull off with traditional 2D. A lot of that really comes from how much more realistic your videos can look. But of course, you could also use 3D to make fun character designs and get a little more creative (that’s not to say realistic product shots aren’t creative). So this week, we’re going to do a deep dive into 3D explainer videos and help you decide if that’s the right route for you.

The 3D Differences

One of the big things is that you’re able to really show off how a product will look more realistically. But there’s nothing wrong with showing off your products in 2D. We’ve done 2D animated videos for a number of clients that do just that. 3D just tends to lend itself to the realism some of our clients are looking for. You can really hone in on every nook and cranny of a product that doesn’t work quite as well otherwise.

Beyond just being more realistic for the product shots, you’re able to showcase more intricate details like product interiors with 3D explainer videos. This helps customers really understand and visualize how your product functions. You can expand a product, taking it apart in real time to show each component. A lot of clients we have make smaller parts inside bigger products. In these cases, 3D really allows you to see it all.

Benefits of Using 3D Explainer Videos for Product Interiors

3D explainer videos offer a unique set of advantages for showcasing product interiors, making them an indispensable tool for all types of businesses. Like we touched on, by enabling detailed visualization and exploded views, these videos are able to show off the internal workings and features of products in ways that are easily understood by the audience.

They’re great for presenting intricate details of a product’s interior, giving your potential customers a closer look at the internal components and functionalities. This can help your audience better understand exactly how your product could be superior to others. This level of detail can be particularly beneficial for products with complex internal mechanisms, enabling companies to highlight their technological advances and quality craftsmanship. 

Exploded Views

That brings us into looking at exploded views. One of the effective ways of showing your product in a 3D explainer video is using an exploded video to deconstruct it, showing each part individually and how they fit together. This not only clarifies the product’s internal structure but also educates your audience on its assembly and operational principles. Such visuals are instrumental in demystifying complex products, making them more accessible to the layperson. Let’s say you make custom seals for a battery. Now you can show exactly where those components sit inside the battery and provide a more detailed look at how that seal functions.

Adaptability and Flexibility

This is something that can just as easily apply to 2D videos but it’s worth talking about here as well. A standout feature of any explainer video is their versatility. Whether it’s for social media videos, product demos, or internal communication videos, the content can be tailored to fit the context in which it will be displayed. And of course, something we offer here at Digital Brew are cut downs of your 3D explainer video. That way you can use them for a range of different purposes.

Improved Viewer Engagement

Engaging an audience is at the heart of any successful marketing campaign. The 3D explainer video is certainly a great way to capture your viewer’s attention.By combining visually appealing graphics with informative content, these videos make learning about a product an enjoyable experience. This is especially true when you use them to show product interiors or exploded views. Those are something most consumers never get to actually see. A consumer sees their phone in their hand. But then rarely (if ever) get to see every layer and how it’s put together. A visual like that can really grab their attention and create a memorable viewing experience.

Real-World Examples of 3D Explainer Videos in Action

Interactive Demonstrations of Complex Machinery

In the realm of engineering and manufacturing, complex machinery can be challenging to understand, let alone explain. This is where 3D explainer videos come into play. By leveraging realistic 3D animation, these videos dissect intricate machines into understandable parts, showing how each component functions in harmony. Companies can showcase the inner workings of their battery systems, making the complex technology accessible to anyone. This not only enhances comprehension but also boosts viewer engagement through stunning visuals.

These interactive demonstrations have revolutionized how companies conduct internal communication videos and training videos. Instead of lengthy manuals or dry lectures, employees can now grasp complex machinery through engaging and informative content. This interactive aspect ensures that the information is not only consumed but also retained, thereby improving overall operational efficiency.

Innovative Real Estate Tours

The real estate industry has greatly benefited from the advent of 3D explainer videos. Instead of traditional photo-based listings, realtors are now offering potential buyers innovative virtual tours. These videos provide a detailed visualization of properties, allowing viewers to explore every nook and cranny as if they were physically present.

Moreover, these real estate tours can significantly enhance marketing videos and landing page videos. They captivate the target audience’s attention by presenting properties in an engaging and interactive format. From beautiful exteriors to intricate interior details, these 3D videos ensure that potential buyers get a comprehensive understanding of what the property has to offer. This innovative approach not only elevates the production quality but also sets the property apart in a competitive market.

Demonstrating the Unseen in Medical Fields

In healthcare, understanding complex medical conditions and treatments can be daunting for patients and medical students alike. 3D explainer videos are instrumental in demystifying these intricate subjects. By using detailed animations, these videos can illustrate how medications interact with the body or how surgical procedures are performed without the need for actual surgery footage. Hospitals and educational institutes utilize these videos for patient education, internal training, and medical student instruction, making complex medical information accessible and understandable.

These explainer videos have transformed medical education and patient care by facilitating a better understanding of diagnosis and treatment options. For instance, showing how a new drug works at a cellular level or how a medical device functions enhances comprehension. This not only educates but also helps in alleviating patient anxieties by providing clear and concise information.

Brewing 3D Explainer Videos

The key to leveraging 3D explainer videos effectively lies in understanding your product’s complexities and how best they can be showcased. No matter the product, the goal is always to communicate your message clearly and compellingly. Use the medium to your advantage and take audiences on a tour of your product in ways they normally couldn’t. By doing so, you not only ensure that your audience understands your product but also appreciates its value. Based on everything you’ve read, do you think that a 3D explainer video could be right for your product? Do you just want to learn a little more about the process we go through here at Digital Brew to create a video? We’d love to hear from you. You can always reach out to us here.

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