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Why NOT to Use Explainer Video Software

June 10, 2020

Why NOT to Use Explainer Video Software

Face it, we all like money. And as someone who likes to save their money, you may be thinking of using some type of explainer video software. As you can tell from the title of this blog, we think that’s a really bad idea. Sure, using explainer video software you find on the internet may seem like a great, money-saving idea to you now, but what about in the long run?

We get it, you probably think we’re biased cause we like doing it the old-fashioned way: Animated videos by people for people. But there’s more to it than that. Here are a few reasons why we know an explainer video by Digital Brew will always beat out any plug and play video software you can find. 

  1. Video software offers little to no customization. When it comes to animated explainer videos written and created by humans, your imagination is literally the only limit. From colors, to characters and much much more, the explainer videos we make at Digital Brew are customized to fit your brands vibe, voice, and product perfectly. You can think of it as an extension of your brand guide, even. On the flip side, some online video software allow you to change the colors and text of a video, and perhaps add an image or two, but that is the extent of the customizations offered. Most videos have a text limit as well, so it can be difficult to fully get your point across when you are limited to a short word count.
  2. You can’t give your brand a voice (literally). One of the coolest things about creating a custom video is building the voice behind your brand, and we mean that literally. Not only will you have a script that says exactly what you want when you want it, but you can also make it sound any way you want with the help of a voice actor. It’s just another creative to bolster your brand. When you use video software to create a video, you only get a handful of very generic songs to choose from to accompany words flashing on a screen. No human voice. Additionally, this means your viewers will also have to read the content of your video rather than getting to sit back and watch. And we all know how little your audience wants to read things (that’s why you’re looking to make a video, not write a blog)!
  3. There’s no creative flare. Trust us, most consumers can spot a premade video a mile away. Not just because they lack creativity and inspiration, but because other brands are using the exact same format. In any marketing strategy, your goal should be to set your company above and beyond the competition, so creating an explainer video via software goes against all the hard work you put behind your marketing efforts. 
  4. It gives your brand a bad look. If you want your audience to invest in your company, you have to invest in it first. Seeing a cookie-cutter video on the front-lines of your marketing efforts only shows your would-be customers that you either lack motivation, creativity, or passion for your brand or product. On the other hand, when you have a customized, hand made explainer video, it shows your viewers you spend time and resources to get your brand story across. You believe in what you’re doing, which means they will too. 
  5. It takes way too much time. This is perhaps the biggest misconception with creating videos via online software. DIY video software may seem easy, but it’s very time consuming, and still comes out looking cheap. You should be spending your time on more important things than getting the weeds of dragging and dropping every character and graphic. DIY explainer software might still take you a good 40 hours or more of your time to put together. 

Like we said earlier, we know how it looks. And obviously we’ve got a bit of bias going on here, but c’mon. Just take a look at some of the beautiful custom explainer videos we’ve made for clients. 

If this blog has sparked your curiosity, or you just want to talk a little bit more about video marketing and how it can help your business explode, grab a time to chat with us here!