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3 Ways to Measure Your Animated Explainer Video’s ROI

March 9, 2021

3 Ways to Measure Your Animated Explainer Video’s ROI

As with any kind of major monetary move, you want to make sure you’ll get a good return on your investment before you commit to spending time and money on a project. Something we’ve noticed over the years when asking our clients about the ROI they’ve seen after implementing their animated explainer video, is that this kind of ROI can sometimes be difficult to measure. In our expert option, we’ve seen 3 major ways to measure your animated explainer video’s ROI, which we’ll dissect in this blog. 

The Actual Numbers 

Numbers are always good. While they don’t necessarily give the full picture of something, they still give you a great idea of how well your audience is responding to your video marketing efforts. Plus, many decision makers in companies rely on numbers to determine whether or not their investment was a bust.

When doing paid video marketing, the insights that you want to keep a close eye on are impressions vs views, and conversions. Impressions are the amount of people your ad has been shown to, and when you compare it to the amount of people who actually stayed to watch the full video, you’ll get a pretty clear idea of how well your video captures the attention of your audience. 

And of course, the conversion rate is just how many people to the action you wanted them to, whether that’s filling out a form, giving you their email, or purchasing a product. 

Morale Among the Troops

Many of our clients decide to invest in an explainer video just for their internal team. When using videos for these sorts of efforts, it’s a bit harder to measure ROI. However, the way we’ve heard it from some of our partners is that it’s crucial you gage the reaction of your employees, and whoever views the explainer video. 

Videos like these are meant to boost morale among your team, and emphasize how cool it is to work for a company like yours. The only way you’ll be able to measure if that works, is by asking your employees outright, maybe with a survey or even a team meeting. 

Perception of the Company

Perception is reality, isn’t it? Sometimes, the goal of an explainer video is just to make your company look badass in front of the whole world. Clients who are looking for videos like these often just need a video for their homepage and to send out to potential customers, rather than have it be used as a tool in a paid marketing campaign. 

In this case, your ROI can be seen in the way potential customers and people outside your business veiw your company. 

In a recent case study we did with UGO, this was exactly the case. 

“Our ROI was perception of our company,” Ajay Mehra, COO of UGO told us. “And anyone who has seen this explainer video thinks we’re this multi-million dollar company already. So as far as I’m concerned with that, the ROI has been immeasurable.”

Get the ROI You Want

No matter what you consider a successful ROI to be, the only way you can achieve it is with a quality animated explainer video. And who better to create that than a 18-time Emmy award winning company, Digital Brew?

If you’re ready to finally see the results you want from your video marketing, schedule a call with us! We’re excited to help you reach those goals. 

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