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UGO Case Study

Making a Name for UGO


As a newer company, the UGO team knew they needed a way to capture the attention of their target audience, and really the only way to do that was with a good explainer video.

“Video is everything,” Ajay Mehra, COO of UGO told us. “It’s the most palpable medium. And with content shrinking and attention spans getting shorter, it seemed like an absolute for us to do an explainer.”

The first thing that drew the UGO team to Digital Brew was our online reviews. They were impressed by what others had to say about the Brew Crew, and thought our affiliations were great. But what actually sealed the deal, you ask? The conversation they had with our CEO and Creative Director, Michael Cardwell.

Within the first few minutes of chatting with Mike, the UGO team knew Digital Brew was the right production studio to partner with to create a killer animated video.


With the goal of attracting attention and driving the request for demos, Digital Brew created an evoking 2D animation, that concisely communicates who UGO is, why they are important, and how they are changing the way pharmacies work.

With an engaging, digestible video, the UGO team could do exactly what they wanted to do with their video: send it to as many people as they could in order to make an legitimate name for their brand.


UGO has just started soft sending their animated video out to friends, family, and supporters of their business. While they are planning to launch a full marketing assault with the video as the centerpiece in the future, they are still happy with the results they are currently seeing.

“Our ROI was perception of our company,” Ajay told us. “And anyone who has seen this explainer video thinks we’re this multi-million dollar company already. So as far as I’m concerned with that, the ROI has been immeasurable.”

The video did exactly what the UGO team wanted, which was to create an image for their budding brand.

So, looking to beef up your brand name? A professional explainer video like UGO’s is the perfect way to add legitimacy to your company, no matter how long you’ve been in business for.

If you’d like to know more about the video process, or how we can help with your video marketing strategy, we’d love to chat! You can pick a time to talk with us here.

Let’s Brew This!

The process was extremely professional. The level of patience Mike and the team had with us, I really, really appreciated the freedom to express what we’re looking for but the professionalism to tell us when we needed to take a step back and let the Digital Brew team work their magic.

Ajay Mehra